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Breed Spotlight: Golden Retriever

Oregon is famous for a lot of things; hippies, the largest cheese factory in the world and an untamable love of dogs, none more so than the Golden Retriever. With thousands of adoptions each year, the Golden Retriever easily claims the title of the Most Popular Dog in the Beaver State. 


Gentle, intelligent, and eager to please, these lovable canines were once bred as “gun dogs” to find and retrieve game. Though, today you’re more likely to find them swimming in the pool or trying to retrieve your slippers.  


The Golden Retriever’s highly sociable temperament and affectionate personality make them a great decision for first-time dog owners, and dog owners with children. If you’re in the market for  intelligent, eager to please and incredibly affectionate puppies for sale in Oregon, the Golden Retriever may be the breed for you.

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