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Male • 6 weeks


Puppy ID #676606

DOB March 28, 2021

Available May 23, 2021

Color Black, Tan & White

Mom's Weight 20 - 22 lbs

Dad's Weight 25 - 30 lbs

Registry UABR

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About Leo

What a looker! Just look at this handsome little guy! His name is Leo, and he can't wait to meet you! He loves to snuggle and play! He will be up for just about anything you do, and will be right by your side! He can't wait to be the star of your household! Go ahead and pick him, and make his dreams come true! Your best days will come with him around! Reserve him today!

About Beagles

Beagles are popular and well-loved as family dogs all over the country. Initially bred to be a hunting and tracking dog, Beagles have incredibly powerful noses, short legs that keep them near their scent, and an impressive intellect to help them track. Known for their loud “voices” and curious, happy personalities, Beagles tend to be very healthy dogs. They are eager to please and extremely curious, especially when they catch an interesting scent! Beagles are small-medium sized (typically 20-30 lbs. in adulthood) and make wonderful, amusing companions.

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Fast Facts

  • Energy Moderate
  • Size Small
  • Trainability Stubborn


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