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The Jack Russell Terrier is commonly known as a hunting companion, but can also make a great house pet with patience and early socialization. These dogs can be a handful, so make sure you give your Jack Russell plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to ensure consistent good behavior.
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About Jack Russell Terriers

Bred to be compact, alert hunting companions, Jack Russell Terriers today are still very similar to their ancestors. These active, sturdy terriers come in two varieties (smooth coat and rough coat) and are not your typical lap dogs. Russell Terriers are intelligent and learn quickly, are devoted and affectionate, and make good pets for an active family.

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Ebony S.


Jack Russell Terrier

Puppy spot is expensive, but worth it. My 14 year old daughter is completely in love with her puppy, and so am I. We are so thrilled to have this little one as apart of our family. So many challenges with a baby pup but I am embracing every stage. I am grateful that we found puppy spot, I couldn’t image a more perfect baby girl. Thank you.

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