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Top Dog Spots in Los Angeles

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Dog-Friendly Guide to LA: How to Enjoy Los Angeles With Your Dog

There are an estimated 1,364,227 million dog-owners in Los Angeles. With those numbers, a warm climate, and close proximity to outdoor adventure, Los Angeles is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country.

This dog-friendly guide to Los Angeles has everything you need to enjoy Hollywood with your favorite pooch.

Top 10 Best Things to do With Your Dog in Los Angeles

There are hundreds of dog-friendly places in Los Angeles where puppies are not only allowed, they’re encouraged. Here are the best dog-friendly activities to do with your dog in Los Angeles the next time you’re in town. 

1.    Take a Hike

Though it’s an urban paradise, Los Angeles is home to some of the best hiking trails in California. The best part is that most of the parks in L.A. city and county are dog-friendly, as well as the national forests and recreation areas, though California State Parks do not allow dogs on trails. Keep reading for the 10 best dog-friendly hikes in Los Angeles!

  • Runyon Canyon - Runyon Canyon has excellent views of the L.A. Basin and Hollywood Sign, and draws tourists, dogs and celebrities alike. Dogs are free to hike the trail as long as they are on leash and there’s also a special off-leash area.
  • Zuma Canyon Ocean View - Zuma Canyon Ocean View Trail features views of both the Pacific Ocean and Zuma Canyon and forms a three-mile loop studded with gorgeous oceanside vistas.nose-to-tail-large.jpg
  • Elysian Park - Elysian Park is an easy 2.4 mile hike with plenty of shade and features lots of terrific views of downtown. The hiking trails are leisurely and the foot traffic is generally sparse, so this is a great place to bring a dog that may be a little shy or isn’t used to vigorous exercise.
  • Upper Canyonback Ridge - Upper Canyonback Ridge runs through Mulholland Drive and Mountain Gate Country Club. This three mile hike features a thin single track and a wide fire road so you can choose whichever trail you or your pup prefers.
  • Seascape - The Seascape trail is an easy, two mile trail, featuring breathtaking views of the ocean, and tide pools for you and your dog to explore local marine life.
  • Bronson Canyon - Bronson Canyon boasts the actual (one use in the 1960s) Batman Batcave from the series with Adam West. The Batcave is a 50-foot long tunnel and an absolute must for hikers and puppies who are fans of the show.
  • Cahuenga Peak and the Wisdom Tree - Cahuenga Peak is a rugged, three mile hiking trail featuring the magnificent Wisdom Tree, where you can leave wishes in a box right beside the tree.
  • Temescal Canyon - Temescal Canyon is a beautiful wooded trail, and one of the most popular dog-friendly hiking trails in the Santa Monica Mountains. With several trails available, you can pick the one that best matches your hiking skill level. Though, not all areas are open to dogs, and you must keep your dog on a leash for the duration of your hike.
  • Fryman Canyon - The Fryman Canyon Loop is a three miles long hiking trail with rests in the Hollywood Hills. Dogs must stay on leash, but it’s a pretty easy hike with only 450 feet of elevation gain. 
  • Eaton Canyon Natural Area - Follow the trail in Eaton Canyon Natural Area park and find a terrific waterfall. Just make sure your dog stays on a leash and you head toward the trailhead and the junction marked “Waterfall”. 

2.    Go For a Swim

There are dozens of fun places to take your dog swimming in and near Los Angeles. Swimming is also a fantastic way to get your dog the exercise they need, strengthening their muscles and heart while being easy on their joints. Unfortunately, most of the beaches in LA County are off limits to dogs. But If you’re ready to take to the water, you can head to these dog-friendly swimming areas in Los Angeles for a swim.

  • Silver Lake Dog Park and Reservoir - Adjacent to the famous Silver Lake Reservoir, and a focal point for the community, the off-leash dog park provides a large area for dogs to run and play as well as a separate area for small or timid dogs. 
  • Leo Carrillo State Beach - Leo Carrillo State Beach in Western Malibu allows dogs on North Beach north of lifeguard tower number 3. This includes an area known as Staircase Beach which has a separate entrance at 4000 PCH. In both areas dogs are required to be on-leash. 
  • Point Fermin Park - Leashed dogs are allowed at Point Fermin Park at the south end of Palos Verdes Peninsula. Your dog probably won’t appreciate the picturesque lighthouse or the views from the bluff, but you sure will. 
  • Rosie’s Dog Beach - The layout of Rosie’s Dog beach is not fenced in—so you and your dog can play an extensive game of tag—nor is it dogs only. Pets are only allowed during Dog Zone hours (6 a.m. to 8 p.m.), and while bags are available, owners are encouraged to bring their own. 
  • Miramar Park - Leashed dogs are allowed at Miramar Park in Torrance. The long sidewalk above the beach on the bluff is a great alternative to the bike path and is open for walking leashed dogs. 

3.    Go for a Walk

If you're tired of passing the same fire hydrants on your walks, or you need more yards covered with grass in your life, there are hundreds of scenic walking spots in LA for you and your dog to enjoy. Here are our favorite scenic spots to walk your dog in Los Angeles. 

  • Venice Canals - Taking a stroll along the manmade Venice Canals is unlike any other stroll in LA. While your pup is taking in new smells and meeting other leashed dogs, you'll be walking alongside waterfront canal homes in a variety of architecture styles. Bridges crisscross the 2-mile path, so you can change your route at any time. 
  • Marina del Rey Jetty Path - A paved walkway perfect for dog walking runs along Marina del Rey's namesake marina and leads out onto the end of the north jetty. You and your dog can take in scenic vistas from the north jetty back toward Marina Del Rey and over to the Venice Pier, where the path connects. 
  • Griffith Park - Whether you're close to the iconic observatory or on the other side of the hill closer to Burbank, Griffith Park boasts lots of walking options. Depending on your dog's level of energy and your own skill level, you can stick to a lower path or hike behind the Hollywood Sign. Either way, you'll be sure to get some good views of the city, maybe even with the observatory in the background. 
  • The Old Zoo - The Old Zoo in Griffith Park has a myriad of spooky and adventuresome areas to explore with your pet. There is a wildness about the place, with weeds and other flora taking over what was once a 20th century concrete zoo. If you are looking for the perfect Instagram opportunity with Fido, look no further.

4.    Grab a Bight to Eat

Los Angeles is home to some of the best food in the country. Fortunately for dog-owners, many of LA restaurants are dog-friendly. Many feature outdoor patios where dogs and diners alike can enjoy an al fresco experience. Keep reading for our list of 10 best dog-friendly restaurants in Los Angeles. 

  • The Dog Cafe - At The Dog Cafe you can play with puppies as you grab your coffee fix, or catch up with friends over lattes, snuggling lap dogs. And if you fall in love with one? You’re in luck - all dogs are rescues looking for their forever homes. 
  • The Eveleigh - If you feel like taking your pup out for date night, The Eveleigh restaurant features farm-to-table selections, cocktails, and best of all, a dog-friendly garden patio. 
  • The Rose Venice - The Rose Venice is a Venice staple is the perfect place to grab brunch with the whole gang. Enjoy a selection of breakfast staples like the avocado toast, or something fancier like the lamb shawarma pizza, and share with your pup on the dog-friendly outdoor patio. 
  • Muddy Paw Coffee - There are endless coffee shops to stop by in Silver Lake, but one of our favorites is Muddy Paw Coffee. With every cup of coffee sold, local charities are being supported. Bring your furry friend here for a hang, all while helping out fellow dogs. 
  • Gracias Madre - LA dog owners die for Gracias Madre and their weekend brunch, but their dog-friendly patio makes it fun for the whole group. Furry ones are welcome! 
  • The Morrison - This little pub in Atwater Village is very committed to providing top-notch service for both you and your dog. The Morrison has an actual menu curated just for pups, so no need to worry about our furry friends stealing table scraps while you're enjoying a cold pint. 
  • Ray’s & Stark Bar - Ray’s & Stark Bar restaurant and lounge hosts a “Barky Brunch,” where your dog can eat as well as you! Treat yourself to some flatbread from the human menu and your pup to a chicken liver cookie or pizza crust dog bone from the specially-curated dog menu. 
  • Pinky’s - Pinky’s in Los Feliz features three of our favorite things: a cocktail bar, a taco menu, and a dogs-allowed sign. Take your four-legged friend to a fun night out on the town at this fresh new restaurant/bar! 
  • Golden Road Brewing - Golden Road Brewing's outdoor patio offers games, fresh air and plenty of seating for friends and furry ones. They even have a "Puppy Hour" with happy hour specials with proceeds going to local dog rescues. 
  • The Lincoln - The Lincoln is a no fuss drinking den for the everyman on Venice's Westside, featuring craft spirits, draught beer, a rotating wine list, and a dog-friendly patio. The bar works with rescue programs to find furry ones loving homes. They also host DJ nights and drink specials you have to try! 

5.    Tour Hollywood

If you’re visiting Los Angeles, then it’s only a matter of time until you make your way over to Beverly Hills. Fortunately, dogs are allowed in most outdoor places in L.A., so you can bring Fido along with you while you take in the sights. Here are our favorite dog-friendly sights in Hollywood. 

  • Hollywood Boulevard - Leash up your dog for a stroll down Hollywood's Walk of Fame, where you can learn about the celebrities honored by each star. If you plan ahead, you might even catch an induction ceremony. 
  • Hollywood Sign - Nothing says "LA dog" like a stroll within close proximity to the Hollywood Sign. Bring your pooch to Lake Hollywood Park. There,you'll find lots of grass, other LA dogs, and one of the best views of the Hollywood Sign in the city. 

6.    Go Shopping

Though it's up to each individual store whether you can bring your dog inside, dog-owners will find hundreds of dog-friendly stores in Los Angeles. Here are just a few places to shop with your dog in L.A. 

  • The Grove - The Grove outdoor mall often frequented by celebs offers a few dog-friendly shops, where you can take a break and enjoy the water works show at the fountain, before visiting Sprinkles to indulge in a red velvet cupcake (for you) and a sugar-free cupcake for your pup. 
  • Third Street Promenade - When tourists think of Los Angeles they likely envision something like Third Street Promenade, a shopping center near the beach with various shops, and street artists providing one-of-a-kind performances. you’ll only find in L.A. 
  • Melrose Trading Post - The Melrose Trading Post shopping event occurs every Sunday at Fairfax High School and you’re bound to find vintage treasures of all kinds so plan to spend a few hours there. There are food vendors on sight and bring a water bowl as you’ll probably spend more time than you anticipated scouring the vintage book/purse/furniture collections. 

7.    Learn Something New

Dogs might not be allowed in the art museums, but they can go to these dog-friendly museums in L.A., where your dog is welcome to join you on your learning adventure. 

  • Travel Town Museum - The Travel Town Museum in Griffith Park chronicles the history of trains - dogs on leash are allowed to explore the museum with their owners. They also have a working miniature train that well-behaved pooches are allowed to ride. 
  • La Brea Tarpits - Leashed dogs are welcome in many of the outdoor spaces at the La Brea Tarpits. Visitors can learn about Los Angeles as it was between 11,000 and 40,000 years ago, during the last Ice Age, when animals like saber-toothed cats and mammoths roamed the Los Angeles Basin.

Dog-Friendly Things to Do in LA

Our list of top do spots in Los Angeles is getting pretty big, but we’ve hardly scratched the surface of all the fun things to do with your dog in Los Angeles. The following list of dog-friendly activities in Los Angeles includes pet-friendly hotels, the best L.A. dog parks, and dog-friendly day trips you can take with your furry friend.

Dog-Friendly Hotels In Los Angeles

The hospitality at L.A.'s world-class hotels doesn't end with their human guests. Hotels across the city are ready to pamper your pooch with a variety of amenities, from dog treats and toys to doggie daycare, special menus and even spa treatments. 

  • Sunset Tower Hotel - Four-legged guests will be pampered at Sunset Tower Hotel. This landmark West Hollywood hotel provides your pet with mini luxurious Sunset Tower Beds for a good rest, fancy bowls for meals and yummy treats to keep them happy. 
  • Kimpton Hotel Palomar Beverly Hills - Kimpton Hotel Palomar Beverly Hills welcomes all furry, feathery or scaly family members and your pet will be officially welcomed by name. Animal amenities include a plush pet bed, food, water bowls and mats. 
  • Dream Hollywood - Dream Hollywood permits dogs weighing less than 25 pounds in their glamorous pet-friendly rooms. Walk the palm tree-lined streets just outside your door and explore the stars along the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Come nightfall get comfortable and enjoy the stunning views from the famous Hollywood Hills. 
  • Loews Hollywood Hotel - You and your pet can stay in style at Hollywood and Highland at Loews Hollywood Hotel, minutes from multiple Hollywood attractions including Universal Studios Hollywood, shopping centers, bowling and sports games. 
  • Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles - Check into Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles with your dog and enjoy your beautifully styled suite with locally made and vintage furniture. There are also lofts with private wet bar, original artwork and room service upon request. 
  • The Beverly Hills Hotel - The famed The Beverly Hills Hotel on Sunset Boulevard will treat you and your pet like movie stars from the moment you enter the grand lobby and walk along their red carpet. 
  • Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows - If you and your furry best friend enjoy long walks on the beach, strolling along the Santa Monica pier, soaking up sunshine and swimming in the Pacific Ocean, the Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows are perfect. Special amenities include a treat upon arrival, a hotel-monogrammed plush dog bed, signature dog toys and even in-room breakfast for pets and humans.

Dog Parks In Los Angeles

There are so many dog parks in Los Angeles, it can be difficult to decide which one to go to bring your furry friend. Fortunately, we’ve listed the best dog parks in L.A., including all the details you need to plan a visit. 

  • Laurel Canyon Dog Park - Laurel Canyon Dog Park features large, fenced-in play areas for both large and small dogs at Laurel Canyon. This L.A. dog park is in the hills of Mulholland, where celebrity sightings not uncommon! 
  • Alice’s Dog Park - Alice’s Dog Park features a 2.5 acres of off-leash play space for large dogs, and 1 acre grassy off-leash play space for small dogs, as well as picnic tables and water stations for thirsty people and dogs 
  • Hermon Dog Park - The Hermon Dog Park features a 2.5 acres of off-leash play space for large dogs, and 1 acre grassy off-leash play space for small dogs, as well as a Hilly park protected by a double fence, picnic tables and water stations. 
  • Sepulveda Basin - The dog park at Sepulveda Basin features a whopping 6.5 acres of off-leash play space, plenty of grass and dirt areas Picnic tables for people to rest and a Large parking lot only a short ride for dog-owners in the San Fernando Valley. 
  • The Boneyard - Located within the bounds of Culver City Park, The Boneyard is an off-leash park on a 1-acre lot with ample parking and water fountains available,

Dog-Friendly Day Trips from Los Angeles

Would you like to see more of Southern California? There’s no reason to leave your best friend behind on these dog-friendly day trips from Los Angeles. 

  • Long Beach Dog Beach Zone - The Long Beach Dog Zone is the perfect place to take your furry friend. The beach is three acres of unfenced area in which dogs can roam freely and play. The area also has a Fountain of Woof which is a fresh water source located near the restrooms at the end of Granada Avenue. 
  • Dog-Friendly Wineries - There are plenty of wineries to choose from in the inland area, but Baily Vineyard, Miramonte Winery, and Gershon Bachus Vintners are highly rated dog-friendly wineries in the Temecula area. Sit under a tree and enjoy a nice, crisp chardonnay while your dog takes a nap in the shade. 
  • Palm Springs Air Museum - Although your dog might not be interested in the 59 large scale planes it will sure look cool in photos. The Palm Springs Air Museum even extends outdoors so you and your pet can get some fresh air while still looking at the incredible preservation of planes from the past.

Dog-Friendly Guide to LA: Frequently Asked Questions

With so many dog-friendly things to do in L.A., you’re bound to have a few questions.  We do our best to answer them here. Please let us know in the comments if we missed any, or if you know of any dog-friendly places in Los Angeles that we missed.

Are Dogs Allowed On Los Angeles Beaches?

No. Los Angeles city and county rules strictly prohibit dogs on all L.A. beaches, even when leashed. There are only three dog-friendly beaches near L.A.: 

  • Rosie's Dog Beach
  • Huntington Dog Beach
  • Leo Carrillo State Park

Are Dogs Allowed On The L.A. Metro?

According to the L.A. Metro’s service animal policy, “Pets and emotional support, therapy, comfort, and companion animals are welcome aboard Metro when they: Are secured in enclosed carriers and do not block the aisle or a doorway.  Do not deprive a customer of a seat. Do not interfere with the comfort or convenience of other customers.”

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