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Jessica K.
Virginia | Breed: Bernedoodle



Dawn D.
Louisiana | Breed: Goldendoodle


PuppySpot was very helpful with getting me what I needed.

Alysia F.
Ohio | Breed: Coton de Tulear

Very easy transaction... trustworthy company...

Very easy transaction... trustworthy company...

Andrew P.
Colorado | Breed: Goldendoodle

You get what you pay for!

Never in a million years would I have thought that I would purchase a puppy online and pay so much for him. Yet I am so grateful that we found the newest member of our family when we did. Communications via the website could have been better, but we are thrilled with our new boy!

Mary R.
Michigan | Breed: Poodle

Alot of talk...no action

I would.not recommend this place to anyone. I won't go into all the details.but they do not live up to all their.hype. my poor puppy got here 3 days late...he smelled so bad it made me sick..he came to me with a bad case of ear mites and they said he saw the vet just.before he left there. He is a good.boy that has been treated.badly. He is scared of everyone. There is more.but I'm not in the mood to go on. I'm just glad I'm done with all of them. I love my puppy and I will take care of.him.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Mary -The health and well-being of our puppies is our main concern, which is why we were so troubled to receive your feedback. Since receiving your feedback a member of our team has been in touch with you to learn more and most importantly see how we can help. As promised we are committed to being here for you both and your little one, every step of the way!

Catherine "Cathy" E.
California | Breed: Australian Shepherd


Was a good experience, except for last minute payment, and what we thought was short notice, everything went well. She was delivered on time at airport and happy. She looked well taken care of.

Kaye D.
California | Breed: Bernedoodle

Sedona is a great joy

Sedona is a great joy in our lives. Thank you for making that happen!!

Douglas F.
California | Breed: Goldendoodle

Was a very smooth process.

Was a very smooth process. Received so much help and guidance along the way. We have a beautiful new puppy!

Peggy S.
California | Breed: Maltese

Probably never again.

Unfortunately I live in a state where most municipalities have decided pet stores can only sell rescue pets. Try and find a purebred pup with that restriction. Craig’s list is scams, and with Petfinders and the other places I found on line the sellers are less than honest and there is a huge Mexican puppy mill market in this area! PuppySpot was 2-3 times the cost, but I figured I was getting a legit pup with the qualities I was looking for. I purposely looked for parents that are in the 5-6 lb range, due to my arthritis . The PS people I spoke with were all pleasant and reassuring. So was the breeder at the beginning. She called two days before the pup was to arrive to say the pup was too little to fly alone for 9 hours . So she was requesting a chaperone. OK, I get that. Then the next date comes up and there is a storm and the chaperone can’t get out to get the pup. Pup finally arrives a week late. The pup looks big to me ( supposedly to be 2 lbs at this 10th week). I ask breeder how big pup will get. She says we can look it up. I do, and chart says 10 lbs. How do 2 5-6 lb dogs have a pup that is going to be that heavy. And when I took the pup in for her vet check the second day I had her- she actually weighed 3.1 lbs. She is a very sweet pup with an inquisitive personality so we will love her no matter how big she gets. But lesson learned. If you cannot see a puppy with your own eyes to judge body size ( and temperament) don’t buy it.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Peggy - We take great pride in providing prospective puppy parents with a trusted, responsible and transparent option for adding a furry family member to one's home and no one from our team would ever intentionally mislead you or any other member of our community. As you know from our many conversations with you, while parental weight (posted to every puppy's profile page) is sometimes used as a guideline, we cannot guarantee the size, weight or even adult coat color of any of our puppies, as they are living, breathing beings, each with different genetic makeup. That said, we go above and beyond to ensure our puppies arrive healthy and happy, and after our recent communications with you, we understand that is exactly how she arrived. Your relationship with us began, it did not end, when we matched you with your puppy and we remain committed to nurturing our relationship throughout your puppy parent journey.

Lois S.
New Jersey | Breed: Golden Retriever


Best thing I ever did. The most amazing people and helpful. Nothing in life goes without a glitch but my puppy concierge was right on it. My boy is home now 2 weeks and it’s puppy cuddles and kisses all over the place. And they’re with you even after your pup is home with helpful tips and advice Totally would recommend Puppy Spot to everyone

Camille S.
Florida | Breed: Border Collie

It truly was a wonderful

It truly was a wonderful journey, and would absolutely recommend your service to anyone looking to purchase a puppy! Thank you again

Jacqueline S.
Maryland | Breed: Shih Tzu

Dark Chocolate now Max

Puppy Spot was awesome! Our little bundle arrived on time and we couldn’t be happier with him and the entire process and staff.

Joe A R.
Arizona | Breed: Beagle

Totally in love with our beagle pup Tuck!

First, we got the pup we selected from the picture this is not a scam! He is a adorable handful of beagle. Our experience with Puppy Spot for the most part was great. We had an issue with shipping...he arrived four days early and arrival time at airport changed from 10 am to 9:30 pm. Since we live 4 hrs. from the airport this was inconvenient. Second Tuck had giardia and require additional meds from vet. Our direct dealings with Jordan at Puppy Spot were great and very helpful. Three weeks later Tuck has adapted beautifully and he is keeping us busy; smart and quick to learn. All in all we had a few bumps on the road but are happy with the results.

Greg B.
California | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Poor Experience - Please think twice

We used PuppySpot because we were impatient on getting a new dog. We hadn't found a good match at a shelter and it was going to take too long if we went with a local breeder. I had some reservations but we took a chance and while it may all work out in the end if we are lucky, I would not do this again. I highly recommend considering the risk, and reviewing some common themes in PuppySpot reviews. Here are the negatives of my experience: 1) I've emailed the breeder three times in our first two weeks after receiving our new puppy - no response. Our new dog was not very well socialized and was scared of everything. It was also 10 pounds heavier than it was stated to be by the breeder a week before we received her. After lots of language on how the breeder is there for life, the reality is it will be hit or miss. Our breeder sent a faded one-page info sheet with the dog that involved an advertisement to buy vitamins and dog food that she would be compensated on, and an email address to reach her. I guess it's all about making more money. 2) After the purchase, you can download the PuppySpot app and it will show information on the parents - names and birthdates. The mom's (dame) birthday showed that she was only 15 months old when bred. When I questioned the PuppySpot manager on this she said that's likely a typo because that would be too young. She said she'd contact the breeder and let me know. She never got back to me. I asked again to a different manager and was eventually called back that the birth date was correct, and the breeder said a dog can be bred at 6 months and this meets the PuppySpot standards. So there you have it - PuppySpot and the breeders they use are ok with dogs being bred at the first available time no matter all the info on the web that states responsible breeders should not breed female dogs until at least 18 months and when they have reached physical maturity and have had time to complete a full screening. 3) Our vet said she has had a lot of experiences with PuppySpot and she's witnessed several instances where PuppySpot becomes unresponsive related to genetic defects that are found at a later point. She basically re-enforced my original reservations around buying a dog from the internet and from a breeder that you haven't visited yourself.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Greg - Our team works incredibly hard to thoroughly, consistently and transparently communicate with all members of our community, which is why we were deeply troubled to receive your review. We're truly sorry for what sounds like a frustrating experience and apologize for contributing to that frustration in any way. Breeding takes a lot of patience, time, and expertise, which is why we thoroughly screen every breeder who joins our network. While it is true that a dame (puppy mom) can get pregnant as soon as they go into their first heat cycle, which is about 6 mos, our breeders do not breed their puppies until their second heat cycle, which can average around 18 mos but in your pup's case, her mom's second cycle was at 15 mos. That said, we're still very sorry that you had trouble reaching out to us at any point of your experience. As soon as we received your feedback, a member of our team was quick to reach out to discuss your experience and see how we can do better in the future. Our relationship with you has just begun, and our team will continue to be here for you whenever you need us.

Dianna R.
California | Breed: Goldendoodle

First Time PuppySpot User

Great experience when I went on line to find our fury pup! Best experience. Very informative and a personal Puppy Manager as well!

Delphia K.

2nd Time Wasnt A Charm

This was our second puppy and what a disappointment. The first time was stress free and easy, this time we experienced speaking with staff that weren't properly informed of shipping, health warranty, and a very unsympathetic person when I called to report our puppy was sick with ear and bacterial infections. I recommended in the past and NEVER AGAIN

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Delphia - Thanks for trusting us twice to find your new furry best friends! We’re very sorry to hear that your second experience with us did not meet your expectations or our standards. We were concerned to hear your puppy wasn't feeling well shortly after arriving home. As living, breathing beings, as unfortunate as it is, puppies sometimes get sick. And, that is why our service extends well beyond the delivery of a puppy and we have a dedicated health team to help resolve any issues our customers may have. Our team has been quick to try to not only understand your issue but also see how we can help and will continue to do so until all is resolved. Your relationship with PuppySpot began when your puppy arrived home, so you should never hesitate to reach out if there's anything you ever need.

John R.
California | Breed: English Springer Spaniel


We trusted you with our beautiful Springer puppy, Corwin, whose name is now Cooper, to fly him to Sacramento from Wisconsin when he was old enough. FANTASTIC! Thank you! We love our Healthy, Happy Cooper!

Joshua G.
Massachusetts | Breed: Boxer

My experience

I have mixed feelings. The communication during the purchase process was great. Once the dog was paid for it was lacking. Paying 799 for them to drive the dog was way over price. The communication during this was terrible. The times were wrong and when she did show up, it looked like two people you wouldn't let in your house otherwise. The puppy had poop on her and was extremely skinny. To pay that amount for travel so "she could be taken care of" and to see how she arrived was a letdown.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Joshua - We are truly sorry for what sounds like a very frustrating experience and one that we never want a new puppy parent to have. Adding a puppy to your home should be a joyful experience and it's disappointing to know we let you down. We were very concerned with your review, which is why shortly after receiving your feedback, a member of our team was quick to reach out to learn more and see how we can do better in the future. It's valuable feedback from customers like you that helps us improve our process and continue to provide the level of service we strive for.

Amy P.
New Hampshire | Breed: Pug


Best service ever. Start to finish.

Teresa K.
California | Breed: Maltipoo

Bundle of love

I love him and how he’s enriched my life is immeasurable. Thanks for the help, PuppySpot!