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      Preston K.
      New Hampshire | Breed: Labrador Retriever


      All went well except for the travel. Did not learn soon enough. Had already left for the 2+ drive to the Manchester Airport.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Preston - Thanks for your feedback. We truly appreciate you for trusting us to fetch your new best friend and we're thrilled she arrived healthy and happy! Just like human travel, flights for our little ones can be delayed or canceled which can impact your pup’s arrival time. We understand the frustration of last minute travel changes and apologize for not updating you sooner. Your feedback is very important to us. A member of our team has been trying to reach you to learn more about your experience and see how we can improve. We look forward to speaking with you very soon.

      Bobby B.
      Ohio | Breed: Pug

      Lula Mae

      I’m so happy to have my new puppy , her name was Cathy but I have since changed her name. My puppy Lula Mae arrived here in great shape and with love in her eyes. I’m happy now. I give PuppySpot 5 stars. Thank you

      Michelle W.
      New Hampshire | Breed: French Bulldog


      They worked with me from beginning to end. Dont apply if you arent serious because they call as soon as you are approved to get the little one into your home. They only thing I would say is I am not happy with the carrier company. The truck was dirty and it looked as if they smoked in in the van. The windows and van was just not as clean as I expected. I get it, they are driving a long way and I thank you but give the truck a wipe down and dont smoke with the puppies. Plus I hate to wait so I am not a angry customer because the driver was nice but this was a impression I got.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Michelle - Thank you for sharing your feedback. The health and well-being of our puppies is our main priority and we are incredibly concerned to hear how your puppy arrived. Since receiving your feedback a team member has been trying to contact you to learn more. We are eager to learn more and really look forward to speaking with you soon.

      Sylvia D.
      Texas | Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

      We love our puppy.

      We love our puppy.

      Pheona K.
      Florida | Breed: Shih Tzu


      Our Shih Tzu puppy arrived last Sunday and she has already captured my husbands heart. He named her 'Dorothy' after my mother, an odd name for a dog, but a loving tribute to my mum. Thank you PuppySpot.

      Cheryl S.
      Maine | Breed: Pug

      4 star experience

      I didn't give 5 stars because the process was at times stressful! It started with the payment as I applied for the credit they suggested. Well, I couldn't use it, PayPal wouldn't let me use it because it was using too much of the total. Finally paid. It took about 3 weeks to get the puppy. Longest 3 weeks ever. The girl who I paid and set everything up with was great. My puppy manager wasn't as attentive, a couple emails went unanswered. All in all I'm glad I used puppyspot. It was expensive but my little pug named Angus is so sweet and smart.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Cheryl - Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. We're so sorry for what sounds like a frustrating experience. We understand the anticipation in wanting your new furry family member home with you and we apologize if it took longer than expected. We try our best to minimize travel time to the best of our ability when our puppies travel to their forever homes. However, there are several factors to be considered while booking your puppy’s travel, like flight availability, particularly because not all airplanes are equipped to safely transport animals. That said, we apologize if at any point you had trouble reaching us for updated info, as that is the exact opposite of the experience we strive to provide. Puppyspot is more than a service, we are a community and we will continue to be here for you and your new pup, every step of the way!

      Kelly M.
      Pennsylvania | Breed: Australian Shepherd

      my experience

      i had a great experience and got an amazing loving puppy out of it!

      Carlos R.
      New York | Breed: Shih Tzu

      Happy and excited

      Happy and excited with our new pet.

      Yvonne B.
      Idaho | Breed: Maltipoo

      I'm sorry, I can't respond.

      I'm sorry, I can't respond.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Yvonne - We care deeply about every single member of our community, whether they walk on two legs or four and we were very concerned to receive your feedback. A team member has been eagerly trying to reach you to learn more and most importantly see how we can help. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

      Patricia C.
      Wyoming | Breed: Havanese

      I have the greatest puppy,

      I have the greatest puppy, and Puppy Spot took care of everything.

      Robert C.
      Florida | Breed: American Eskimo Dog

      Very helpful

      Very helpful

      Kayla G.
      California | Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

      Best way to buy a pup

      Finding and purchasing a puppy through Puppy Spot was such an enjoyable experience. From the beginning of the process and even after receiving our puppy, there were always friendly representatives available to answer all of our questions. They handle all the nitty gritty and all we had to do was look forward to having a new member of the family. We purchased a Mini Schnauzer who we have named Jack. He is happy, healthy and came fully vaccinated just as promised. You can also tell that the breeders care about their animals because Jack also came groomed and well socialized. He is our little furry ball of joy and would definitely recommend Puppy Spot to anyone looking for a good and reputable company to purchase a puppy through.

      Roxanna H.
      Colorado | Breed: Poodle

      Miss Molly Rae

      What a bundle of energy!!!

      Samuel Leo R.
      Virginia | Breed: Shih Tzu

      I love my Puppy!!!

      Our baby was delivered perfectly and healthy! She fits in perfect with our family!! And we couldn’t be more happy!!!

      Mark P.
      Michigan | Breed: French Bulldog


      The entire experience was fine. My only complaint is the logistics of getting my puppy delivered took much longer than it should have. I don't think it should take 3 weeks from getting fully approved to getting my new puppy.

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Mark - Thanks for your honest feedback. It's important to us, not only because we take our role seriously and want you to have the best experience possible, but also because it gives us a chance to learn and improve. While our travel team works very hard to coordinate with your breeder to accommodate your preferred arrival date for your pup, it can sometimes be tricky. We understand the anticipation in wanting your adorable puppy home with you and we apologize if it took a little longer than expected, but we want to assure you it was a decision made with your puppy's best interest in mind. Once we received your feedback, a team member was quick to reach out to you to learn more about your experience. We're thrilled to hear that your pup arrived safe and is already thriving in her "furever" home. Our relationship began when we matched you with your furry family member, so please let us know if there's anything more we can do to be helpful in your puppy parent journey.

      Jamilla H.
      New Mexico | Breed: Poodle

      Excellent service

      The customer service is great however I have been bombarded with emails. I have a business and haven't the time

      PuppySpot Customer Advocate

      Jamilla - Thank you for your honest feedback. We do our best to make sure our puppy parents are as prepared as possible to welcome home their new best friends and we're sorry if that was at all overwhelming. It's helpful to receive your feedback so we can continue to provide the best for our puppy parents, puppies and breeders.

      Joseph S.
      Pennsylvania | Breed: Miniature Pinscher

      Excellent company

      Once I found my new puppy they made the process simple. They kept me informed and prepared me for my new baby.

      Patricia F.
      California | Breed: Chihuahua

      Fantastic Experience

      Our little long hair chihuahua, George is a terrific addition to our family. Puppy Spot is a top rated company in all their efforts, communication, delivery and follow through. I bought George on Sunday, he arrived from Texas to California by Friday. So much in love with him:)

      D’Andre T.
      Alabama | Breed: French Bulldog

      Very good experience

      I was a little nervous at first but my puppy manager and all of the other assistance was very informative about the whole process from the day I picked the puppy it was 2 weeks later he arrived the only con I can say is the traveling process will have you on edge depending on if the pup is flying or traveling by car the carriers have multi pick ups and stops so that can be kind of aggravating but overall I would recommend this to anybody that’s looking for a quality puppy

      Nico P.
      California | Breed: Great Dane

      Rocko the Great Dane

      Best service all around, puppy concierge and puppy manager very helpful and they made the process perfect.