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Steven B.
California | Breed: Chihuahua

My new Boy Hogan

best puppy in the world and the best experience with PuppySpot! Thank you for guiding me through every step!!!

Frank R.
Oklahoma | Breed: Goldendoodle

Best Experience!

We found the most precious & lovable Goldendoodle on PuppySpot! The puppy manager answered all our questions & presented us with absolute thorough information in a timely manner. They also continued to send us updated pictures & info on our doodle until he arrived to us safe & sound. PuppySpot also eased all the anxiety about a reputable breeder because they only accept top breeders! Great experience all around & we got the furry love of our life!

Thomas T.
New Hampshire | Breed: Pomsky

Our Pup Dusty

Puppy Spot made the process of buying and taking possession of our little fur baby Dusty a breeze. Everyone I spoke with at Puppy Spot were kind, understanding and very knowledgeable about the process and were quick to respond with any questions/concerns I did have. I would definitely recommend Puppy Spot to anyone who is looking to purchase a new fur baby as Dusty has met and exceeded our expectations.

Beth M.
Florida | Breed: Cavapoo

Puppy Shots

We were told we would receive a refund for having to pay for puppy shots that our puppy had to have because of a mistake by the breeder. This was the beginning of October. I had to ask multiple times for this refund and here we are mid November and still no refund.. be aware

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Beth - We are very sorry for your frustrating experience. We were just as shocked and concerned as you to learn that your breeder missed one of his vaccinations. As soon as we received your feedback a member of our team was quick to reach out and has confirmed that your refund has been processed and sent. Please remember that your relationship with us began, it did not end, when we matched you with your puppy and we remain committed to nurturing our relationship throughout your puppy parent journey.

Patricia K.
Ohio | Breed: Shih Tzu


Excellent Customer service skills farm beyond customer service willing to help out with advice concerns knowledge time on the phone do not rush after you have a puppy you can call your puppy manager call puppy manager and speak with the puppy manager and it’s like talking to us is all you’re talking to a friend and they give you great advice and I do absolutely 100%Take their advice very seriously I will continue to call them this is going to be a very difficult process having this little guy and I will neither support and help and advice for probably the next year to come they are five stars and above I’ve talked to two or three puppy managers and they are awesome speak highly for puppy spot they Eligible friendly this is all you’re talking to a friend I can’t say enough positive wonderful things about my experience I would always recommend puppy puppy spot.com to anyone who is interested in purchasing a little furry addition to their family

Kathryn L.
California | Breed: Havanese

Puppy arrived with parasites

We spent a lot of money for this dog and it took is weeks to decide which one we wanted, and it arrived on schedule with all of the paperwork, including a vet's bill of health from the breeder. Our vet - whom we've had for 20 years - did a check up and ran fecal tests. The puppy came back with Giardia, an intestinal parasite that they get from dirty water. I have reached out to Puppy Spot customer service- twice - to no avail. The breeder tells me the dog was clean when it left her, but that's impossible because the dog just didn't come down with it while in transit. The process leading up to the purchase is great. The process after the receipt of the dog - and now with issues - isn't so great. I am waiting for someone to get back to me about this, but so far, radio silence.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Kathryn-Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. The health and wellbeing of our pups is always our top priority, so we were deeply concerned to learn your pup was diagnosed with Giardia, a common and treatable puppyhood condition. As living breathing beings, as unfortunate as it is, puppies sometimes get sick, which is why we have a dedicated health team to help address any concerns our puppy parents may have. We stand by our puppies and our health guarantee, and we'll be here to help is any way we can, including assisting you with your vet expenses as soon as we receive the appropriate documentation from your veterinarian, as requested. Your relationship with us began, it did not end, when we matched you with your puppy and we remain committed to nurturing our relationship throughout your puppy parent journey.

Tyesha S.
North Carolina | Breed: Beagle

Puppy isues

I started having issues of aggression with my puppy 4 days after I brought her home. Notified puppyspot of these issues and I havent heard from them since then. Once you get your dogs or puppies home and you set up all the necessary things for them puppyspot drops all communication with you.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Tyesha - Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback. You did the absolute right thing letting us know of your concerns. We understand the anticipation and excitement involved in meeting your new furry family member. As exciting as it also is for your new pup, don't forget that it’s a big change for a puppy to go from one home to another. It may take a little time for her to adjust to her new surroundings and loving family. We’re confident that with ongoing training and patience, she will thrive in her new forever home. As soon as you let us know that there might be an issue, a member of our team was quick to reach out to learn more and most importantly see how we could help and has been working with you closely since.PuppySpot is a community and we’ll continue to be here with you every step of the way.

Richard M.
Minnesota | Breed: Havapoo

Carly Minday

We lost our Schnoodle Peaches in June, 2019, after 17.5 wonderful years. Puppyspot was very supportive in helping us find our next companion. They were super helpful throughout the selection, purchase, and delivery of our new puppy Carly, a havapoo.

Wilson B.
Missouri | Breed: Labradoodle

Good Experience

This was a good, not great experience. First, the puppy is a beautiful, intelligent and well behaved with a sweet, quiet disposition. We had hoped to visit with the breeder,which was not possible. The hand-off, with several last minutes calls, made the transaction more like a drug deal. We drove home from Middlebury, Indiana for nine hours, which, with fairly frequent stops for the dog and us and change of drivers. We didn't use the carrier (nor did Samuel, the delivery man) and kept Tillie in our laps the entire trip. It was, we think, the best possible bonding experience. Finally, your relationship with Third Party Pet is a shady deal, and I feel I have been taken by them and will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Thanks for the dog. She is wonderful.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Wilson - Thank you for trusting us to fetch your new best friend! Our team works incredibly hard to thoroughly, consistently and transparently communicate with all members of our community, which is why we were deeply troubled to receive your review. While most of our puppies travel via air transportation, if distance permits, occasionally the breeder and prospective puppy parent will meet up to pick up their new furry family member, as was the case in your situation. Our team worked with both you and your puppy's breeder to identify a location that would work with both of you. We are proud to offer each and every new PuppySpot puppy parent complimentary AKC registration or Canine Partners Listing, along with other helpful items like enrollment in AKC reunite, lifetime access to AKC events, and more. Our partner offers several additional optional items for purchase and we apologize for any confusion surrounding the price of these options. We are always here for you and happy to help, whether it's questions about our partner offerings or simply advice for training and acclimating your puppy to your home!

Chris A.
Florida | Breed: Shih Tzu

Our PoppySpot Experience

We received our little bundle of joy almost 2 weeks ago. She has been a blessing to our family since we lost our little Yorkie a couple of months ago and 2 days after Lexi arrived, my mother-in-law passed. Lexi has not only been a source of much needed love during this challenging time but in some ways, a form of therapy. Our overall experience with PuppySpot was very good, with a few minor bumps along the way which they made every effort to smooth out. Lexi came to us healthy and already socialized with people, children, and pets. If I had one minor criticism it would be the inability to interact with the breeder once full payment for our puppy purchase was made. It would have been nice to have had a little more direct contact while we were waiting for the arrival date of Lexi. All in all, we were very satisfied and would consider a future puppy purchase through PuppySpot if that day ever arose. Thanks for helping to provide a beautiful fur baby for our family.

Jean P.
Minnesota | Breed: Labradoodle

A really great experience!

A really great experience!

Frank L.
Florida | Breed: Havanese


Great service. Very happy with our 2 purchases of our family puppies

Lori B.
California | Breed: Maltipoo

I couldn’t be happier!

I couldn’t be happier!

Janet M.
Florida | Breed: Pomeranian

My puppy manager disappeared and our experience was less that steller.

The important thing is that we love our new puppy. She is the most loving pet we have ever owned but our experience getting her to us could have been much better. I called multiple times for more information and finally travel arrangements were made without regard for my work schedule or rest. An alternate airport that was not of my choosing which was 2 hours away late at night when I was scheduled to work at 6 AM the next morning. I really hope that this does not happen to another new puppy family. I also did not appreciate being asked to pay additional monies as part of my puppies AKC registration

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Janet - First and foremost, we're happy your puppy is doing well and is thriving in her forever home. We're sorry for what sounds like a frustrating start to your experience with PuppySpot. Our team does their best to accommodate our customers' preferred travel dates and times, just as we did with you, and there can sometimes be additional logistical changes due to limited flight availability to certain airports. We strive to provide excellent service and we're sorry that you felt otherwise. We are proud to offer each new PuppySpot puppy parent complimentary AKC registration or Canine Partners Listing, along with other helpful items like enrollment in AKC reunite, lifetime access to AKC events, and more. Our partner offers several additional optional items for purchase and we apologize if there may have been some confusion surrounding the price of these options. PuppySpot is more than a service, we're a community and we'll continue to be here for you both as you need us, so please don't ever hesitate to reach out if there's anything you ever need.

Denis M.
California | Breed: Dachshund

The best and trustworthy company

When I spoke with a puppy manager, very kind. Helped all the way to ensure that everything was going smooth. He understood my needs and helped me pick the best puppy for me. Made sure all the vaccines and health guaranty certificate for 10 year. They make sure and fore most that the puppy is generically tested from 3 generations back to ensure he is healthy. Best customer service. Nice people to work with.. Was a happy moment for me. I would recommend Puppyspot to everybody-:) Thank you for your beautiful work

Norma S K.
California | Breed: Bichonpoo

Puppy Spot

Everything went smoothly as planned. People at Puppy Spot were quick to send me paperwork needed to read about adoption process. I love my dog! She was very well kept with breeder. I would go through this again with Puppy Spot.

Jill H.
Illinois | Breed: Miniature Pinscher

Good Dealings

Everything went very smooth from the time I inquired, to the time I decided all the way through pick up and even after we brought our puppy home.

Veronica B.
Washington | Breed: Bichonpoo

Wonderful Puppies

I went to PuppySpot because they didn’t have the specific dog in my state. I’m so happy to welcome, Loki, the Poochon. He was really nervous when I picked him up at the airport but after a few days and a vet check up, he is healthy and energetic. Puppyspot was there all through the process before and after I got Loki to make sure he adjust to his new home. Thank you!

Grant A.
Georgia | Breed: Labradoodle

very professional and helpful! great service

Would highly recommend puppyspot, we enjoyed the experience from start to finish!

Lenita B.
Texas | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

My experience with PuppySpot from

My experience with PuppySpot from the beginning to end was excellent. I love how PuppySpot sent notification on my App and through email checking on my puppy once he was home and to make sure he made it home.