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      Jeffery B. K.
      Connecticut | Breed: Dachshund

      I am VERY pleased with the professionalism, concer...

      I am VERY pleased with the professionalism, concern, and positive demeanor of all representatives I came in contact with at PuppySpot.

      Connie B.
      Washington |

      We received our little Ruby on time and in great h...

      We received our little Ruby on time and in great health. We've always had mostly problems purchasing from backyard breeders. It?s a relieve to know this little girl will be with us for many years to come.

      Cathy W.
      Texas | Breed: Cocker Spaniel

      Love PuppySpot, made buying a puppy easy.

      I was nervous about buying a puppy online without actually seeing him; paying a good sum for him and then having him flown in from Indiana. Well PuppySpot made this experience one of the most professional and best purchasing experiences I have ever had. They stayed in touch with me all along the way, provided me with up-to-date information about my puppy and gave perfect and easy instructions on how and when to pick him up. They followed up with me after he was delivered. Loved the experience and would highly recommend them to everyone.

      Maria M.
      Texas |

      Trustworthy and Ligit

      From the very first call I made to inquire, I felt so comfortable dealing with Puppyspot. Chantale was so nice and very informative. She answered all my crazy questions and she never made me feel like that I may be quite annoying. I really had a positive experience and we are so in love with our bulldog. He's a gen. Thank You guys!

      Bobbie S.
      North Carolina |

      The best experience

      I had the best experiences with Puppyspot they gave us the healthiest puppy. He came like he was suppose to and he was so loving to the family right when we got him. Nick has became a part of our family and has made everyone happy. I sure would buy from puppyspot again. Thanks to them I would not have a puppy in the family. They allowed me to call them to check on him everyday. They let me speak to the breeder to know that I was really going to get Nick. They were patient with me. Nick has been wrapped our fingers and is being spoiled

      Heidi L.
      Utah |

      Seamless and easy

      My experience was seamless and easy. I called to inquire about a puppy and 5 days later he was in my home. He is everything i had hoped he would be!

      Stephanie A M.
      Colorado | Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog

      Excellent service

      I received amazing service from Jeremiah and our puppy is in excellent health, learning and developing incredibly well. The only complaint I have is we were told we could receive updated pictures of her while we were waiting for her to be ready and when w requested them, we never received any. I would definitely refer puppy spot to a friend and am even considering utilizing it in the future as a breeder.

      Sharon R.
      Florida |

      Puppy spot thoroughly prepared me for the arrival of our amazing puppy!

      The Puppy Spot staff was friendly and reassuring with each step in the adoption process. Our puppy arrived via plane and we bonded immediately. She was obviously loved in the Breeder home. Again, I had excellent follow up from the staff.

      Martha S.
      Mississippi |

      Great service! Sadie is a super dog. We love her. Full of energy and love.


      Clifford B.
      Ontario | Breed: Doberman Pinscher

      Service from puppyspot was good, I will get anothe...

      Service from puppyspot was good, I will get another puppy from you guys in the future ! clyde Is doing great

      Desmond S.
      California |

      The customer care staff were very pleasant to work...

      The customer care staff were very pleasant to work with and knowledgeable about the process of bringing a new puppy into our family. They did such a great job relaying information from the breeder to us about our new puppy along with what to expect and how to care for her. PuppySpot made finding our furry family member an enjoyable experience and I would highly recommend them to first time dog owners and avid canine enthusiasts alike!

      Beverly C.
      Florida |



      Angela B.
      Utah |

      Keefe is a Puppy Advocate Superstar

      Keefe who helped us through making the decision to buy a puppy at Puppy Spot was a 5 Star hero. He seemed to work at all times of day or night. he was funny, informative and made the process easy. He is an asset to your business. When there was an issue that caused a delay in our puppy being sent to us, the customer service process unraveled. I spent 20 minutes trying to get someone on the phone the day before the puppy was supposed to be delivered. All I knew was there was a problem that might cause a 5 day delay in receiving the puppy. I could not get the right party on the phone, hit voicemail over and over and found I was made to feel frantic. Our puppy was delayed by 3 days and it was heart wrenching as we waited. My husband found someone who helped through the process who was helpful but when you and don't get the same friendly voice that talked you through paying for the puppy it feels like a real disconnect.

      Claudia P.
      California |

      Repeat customer

      Excellent service! Very accommodating. I purchased my pup a few weeks before a procedure. I did not want to take a chance and wait on him. He arrived when I needed him too and there was no extra charge! He is the happiest healthiest beagle I know. He definitely was well loved and held before we got him!! Thank puppyspot for connecting us with our second great beagle!

      Shannon F.
      Wyoming | Breed: Labrador Retriever

      Excellent service — beautiful dog

      I contracted for a beautiful, healthy yellow lab from Indiana. I received exactly the puppy I was promised. A beautiful, healthy dog? 90 percent housebroken and already well crate trained. I was told that the breeder, Marlene, was most excellent. It was no exaggeration. Our puppy exceeded our expectations. I would recommend puppy spot in a heartbeat.

      Danelle M.
      California |

      Puppyspot personal were amazing and there for us f...

      Puppyspot personal were amazing and there for us for whatever questions we had.

      Mattheu B.
      Colorado |


      It was wonderful!

      Brooke D.
      Virginia |

      Great company and amazing, healthy puppy!

      We were so happy with using puppy spot. The whole process was smooth and they made it so simple for us. I was a little weary about getting our puppy online, but I would 100% recommend puppy spot and would definately buy from them again. The cost was a little more expensive, but for the easy process and quality of the puppy and purchase it was well worth it! We also had employees from puppy spot who showed us their loyalty when someone else was interested in the same dog. They took the time and answered all of my questions, and honestly talked to me at least a couple times every day. The only "issue" we had was getting our puppy later than expected, but that was completely because of weather and had nothing to do with the company. We are very happy with our new puppy!!

      Carmen C.
      Wisconsin |

      Wonderful and dependable service

      Rocky was crated very comfortably. Cheerful and happy right off the airplane. I appreciated the follow up. He is an excellent and smart pup.

      Courtney D.
      Texas |

      PuppySpot worked out in the end for me, and we’ll please so far.

      I know generally it is not recommended to purchase a dog online but I decided to give PuppySpot a try. I found a puppy (Golden Retriever) for my daughter that she really liked and spoke with a puppy concierge to handle initial payments etc. all was well for me until I spoke to a finance person who was a bit rude. He made me start having doubts about PuppySpot because of my interaction with him and that prompted me to start doing deeper research into the company and found even more troubling things with their name change and all. I contemplated for a while on whether I wanted to continue with the purchase after all I had found out online. Subsequent to my convo with the finance person, I had received a follow up call from the conceirge and I had expressed to her my concerns about purchasing the puppy and about all I had found out online. As we spoke she assured me that I wouldn't be disappointed and by talking to her, I felt a little more confident about the purchase, especially because she made her self available to me answering all my questions and providing all that I asked for to evidence that the puppy was not coming from a puppy mill etc. I decided to continue with the purchase and paid the remaining amount to bring our Golden home. Today, I can say that I am happy that I made the purchase because our puppy came as advertised and in good health. I have not had any issue so far and his temperament is great my daughter loves him and it?s a good thing PuppySpot has conceirge because I wouldn't have made that purchase if not for her.