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Julie H.
Virginia |

Fantastic service!! Caring people!!

I cannot speak highly enough of everyone who helped me with my sweet, beautiful puppy. I've never had an animal shipped, and from the moment I first expressed interest right up to the flight plans, someone was there to answer my questions and guide me through the process.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Julie - Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience with our dedicated team of dog lovers. As you've experienced,†we take the care, health and safety of our puppies during travel very seriously, as we know traveling alone can be scary for first timers, whether they have two legs or four! Please continue to keep us posted on how everything is going and never hesitate to reach out if we can be helpful in any way.

Elizabeth H.
Florida | Breed: Schnoodle

Follow through on concerns excellent

Very clear clean online process. No puppy mill is a big plus and hopefully all the follow through is done as stated. Initially the human interaction was great until the commitment and payment. I had questions a few days afterwards and of several emails not one was returned which was disconcerting. Happily the puppy is wonderful and settling in very well.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Elizabeth - Thanks very much for your feedback and for trusting us to help you find a furry family member from a screened and vetted responsible breeder. While we're thrilled to know you puppy is thriving in her new home, we were troubled to learn you felt as though some of your emails went unreturned, as our extensive records show prompt and continued communication throughout your experience with our team. A member of our dedicated team has been trying to get in touch with you to learn more and see where the disconnect lies. You joined a community when you found your puppy through PuppySpot, so please continue to keep us posted on how everything is going and let us know if there's anything you ever need.†

Sara C.
Florida | Breed: Bulldog

Client Focused & Caring Staff

Easy process with purchasing, good instructions for pick-up, and very responsive and caring customer advocates. Aneel was very helpful with the selection and purchase. This was the second puppy Aneel assisted me with, and both experiences were top-notch. The puppy was very ill when he arrived, and required hospitalization, and Jackilynn *Personal information removed by Feefo* assisted me with the reimbursement process for the costly medical expenses.She did a great job and I truly appreciate the focus on our family and our new puppy, Meatball.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Sara - Thanks very much for your feedback. As living, breathing beings, as unfortunate as it is, puppies sometimes get sick. And, that is why our service extends well beyond the delivery of a puppy and we have a dedicated health team to help resolve any issues our customers may have. We're glad Jackilynn has been so helpful and more importantly, that Meatball is feeling better and thriving in his new home. As you've experienced, we're much more than a service or website, we're a community, so please continue to keep us posted on how everything is going and never hesitate to reach out if there's anything we can do to be helpful.

Christie M.
Oregon |

very pleasant experience.

everyone I spoke with was very friendly & on point

Jack S.
Georgia |

Great Service When You Can’t Find A Puppy Locally.

Got a wonderful golden puppy. Great communication and easy to get ahold of people with questions. A bit of confusion at the airport and with the type of food for the puppy, but overall a good experience so far.

Vy T.
Nevada |

Thank you so much to PuppySpot!! We love our puppy!!

Thank you PuppySpot! We found our new family member!! He?s so cute, strong and healthy puppy. We?re very happy with our experience with PuppySpot, all staffs are very friendly and helpful!!

Edward B.
New Jersey |

Awesome Service

Awesome customer service. Friendly staff. The whole transaction has happened on time, as advertised. It?s great getting what you pay for. And needless to say, Chester is a beautiful puppy who is fitting into our family.

Annette B.
New York | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

From Picking out our puppy to her being delivered ...

From Picking out our puppy to her being delivered at the air port, everything was great. All questions were answered in a timely fashion. Would recommend to friends and family

Robert R.
Illinois |

follow up on all questions & requests...

follow up on all questions & requests

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Robert - Thanks for your feedback and welcome to the PuppySpot family!

Kyle S.
Florida |

The service was fantastic...

The service was fantastic

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Kyle - Thanks so much for the beautiful picture of your newest furry family member and for the positive feedback, we really appreciate it! Our relationship has only just begun, so please continue to keep us posted on how everything is going and let us know if there's anything you need.†

Jeryl H.
New Jersey |

They walk you thru your whole purchase and don't stop there they make sure

They couldn't have been any better, they make sure your puppy gets the Best care even after you take him home, they make sure he is chipped has a vet check Him out and get the best dog food make sure he is registered and followed up to make sure he's doing good??My Nicky wasn't so they took care of that with no hassle. Great Company if you ask me. And we love Nicky!!!! Thank you for all who helped ?.....

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Betty - Thanks so much for your kind words about your experience with our team. We're happy to hear Nicky is thriving in his new home and we look forward to continuing our relationship throughout your puppy parent journey.†

Heidi R.
California | Breed: Labradoodle

Great company!

They were very helpful answering questions and keeping me informed. This is the first time i've gotten a puppy this healthy and happy.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Heidi - We really appreciate your feedback, especially since our number one priority is to place healthy puppies into happy homes. Our team will continue to be here as you need us, so please let us know if there's anything more we can do to be helpful.†

Melissa N.
Maine |

Bad Experience / Travel

We were happy with the all of the preliminary communication.. Phone calls, emails ect. Very thorough and professional... friendly.. That is were the positive feedback ends. There was absolutely no communication about the initial change of the flight information. We went to the airport to meet our new puppy who was not there. This continued to occur 3 more times. Initially Joy was supposed to arrive on a friday night here in Portland Me. She was not on the flight but placed on a later flight which was arrive the following saturday. we were told to confirm that she was on the flight before we went to the airport. When we contacted United we were told that the ground supervisor refused to load her and that she would be on a later flight on the same day. When we confirmed that this flight (the 3rd flight) had departed we were told "good news.. your dog is on the plane" Once again we went to the airport, even checked in at the ticket desk and confirmed that she was on the flight, and once again no puppy. We were then told she will be on a later flight that day. We waited at the airport for hours... Finally after many delays our puppy arrived. We were told that our puppy had not been loaded due to weight limitations due to icy flight conditions. Finally what I would like to say.. we are not unreasonable people. We understood and were told ahead of time that puppyspot would not be able to track the puppy if there were any flight delays. We also understood that the entire east coast was experiencing a very bad storm. With this being said who's responsibility was it to contact us and tell us that our puppy's original flight was changed? Also, Our puppy was not delayed because the flight was delayed or cancelled due to the weather each time.. but because someone chose to not load a live animal (total 17lbs with the crate) because someone luggage was more important. We were told by a United employee that she was bumped due to weight?!!! My husband and I found the entire experience with United Airlines completely disgusting!! Melissa **personal information removed by Feefo**

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Melissa - We were shocked to learn about your frustrating experience with United, as it's completely out of character and varies greatly from the experience the majority of our community members report having. We always recommend our customers track their puppy's arrival using the provided flight and waybill information, as we did with you. That said, these instructions only work if the airline provides accurate updates, which it sound like was not the case in your situation. A member of our dedicated travel team was quick to reach out to learn more and see how we could help and will be working directly with United to resolve your concerns and ensure this doesn't happen again. Our relationship began when we matched you with your puppy and our team will continue to be here for you as you need us.

James B.
Kansas |

Dont waste you time or money

Their health gurantee is a joke. My puppy was riddled with parasites and other health concerns.

JoAnn P.
Florida | Breed: Papillon

Puppy Spot are wonderful people to deal with,

Every one at Puppy Spot was very easy to deal with. Everyone was very nice. However I was not please with the breeder of my puppy, Jake was 8 months old and was not crate trained nor potty trained. My ship time was changed 3 times and she had notified puppy spot. First she was having surgery and #2 then puppy spot was not aware of the fact that she only shipped on Fridays, #3 I get to the airport at his arrival time and he could not be found, I looked for him in tears thinking he had not been put on connecting flight and he was scared and lost. Finally called the number of the shipper and was told that breeder had changed the airline and time for him to come in and did not let puppy spot know this. The shipper gave me the information and finally at 10 pm that night I picked him up. If I found another puppy I would ask who the breeder was and if it was her I would not buy. My rating was for Puppy Spot not the breeder/ breeder would be a zero

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

JoAnn - First and foremost, we want to apologize for any confusion surrounding the arrival of your puppy. We strive to provide a positive, stress-free experience for prospective puppy parents and we're disappointed to learn that may not have been the case at any point in your experience with us. Your puppy's breeder underwent an procedure and has been undergoing treatment for a serious health concern, which contributed to the miscommunication surrounding your puppy's arrival. A member of our dedicated team has been in touch with you to learn more and see how we can help and do better in the future. Our relationship has only just begun, so please keep us posted on how everything is going and let us know if there's anything you ever need in your puppy parent journey.

Keith C.
California | Breed: Dachshund

PuppySpot made our Christmas GREAT!!

First class from my first contact to the follow-up after I received my puppy. My puppy was everything I expected and more. Healthy, Happy and CUTE!!

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Keith -†Thanks for the feedback and adorable pictures! We are thrilled to know your puppy exceeded expectations and is bonding with his new family. Please remember that our relationship with you began, it did not end, when you found your puppy on PuppySpot, so do not hesitate to let us know if there is ever anything you need.

Ariana A.
California | Breed: Goldendoodle

WE are so grateful to have our happy fun loving dog!

I enjoyed using puppyspot and everything worked out perfectly. We love our new pup!

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Ariana - We strive to provide a joyful, easy experience for our community members and we're happy to know yours was no exception. Please keep us posted on how everything is going and let us know if there's anything you ever need.†

Philip H.
Texas |

We were looking for a Berner - great puppy!

We got the EXACT dog we wanted!

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Philip - We're so pleased to know your puppy is just what you wanted and we appreciate the trust you put in us to help you find your perfect puppy. Our relationship has only just begun, so please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything more we can do to be helpful!

Rebeka Z.
North Dakota | Breed: Maltipoo


Very good and friendly service. It?s nice to talk to someone that understand the love of a pet.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Rebeka -†Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience with our dedicated team of dog lovers. Please continue to keep us posted on how everything is going and never hesitate to reach out if we can be helpful in any way!

Roger M.
California | Breed: Morkie

Daniela is the BEST!

The help that I received from Ms. Daniela *Personal information removed by Feefo* was first class all the way. Daniela was very professional yet very friendly and customer service oriented. I truly believe that Daniela should get a huge promotion for her excellent service towards one of us customers. Even then, she still follows up to check up on my new best friend and provides good tips and recommendations for how Take care of our little one.