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Yevgeny K.
New Jersey | Breed: Pomeranian

Very simple and professional service

Arrangements to have puppy flown in were very well handled. Was in a nice sized crate with a bag of treats and owner left very thoughtful instructions.

Victor N.
Pennsylvania | Breed: Siberian Husky

Very pleasant experience

They handled every detail perfectly, every question or concerns were satisfied, everyone was courteous and efficient, I could not be more satisfied

Angela M.
Texas | Breed: Pomeranian

Very happy!

I had a wonderful experience. There were some delays, but they were no one's fault. My little girl was just TOO little for quite a while. I'm glad PuppySpot and the breeder were considering Cricket's health above everything else. Everyone involved was friendly, helpful, and encouraging, especially PuppySpot's Jeasca, who also has a very tiny pom! Cricket and I are very happy!!

Nazike R.
Massachusetts | Breed: Havanese

Great experience for the first phone call to the ...

Great experience for the first phone call to the end follow -up after my puppy arrived.

Lynnette M.
Michigan | Breed: Rottweiler


What didn't they do well. They said what they meant n meant what they said. There was no hidden cost or anything negative. You are able to contact them at any time with all your questions as small as they may be. They give u a blow by blow of what to expect and what to do. Not to mention the quarentee who else will do that for u. I absolutely love the fact that there is no puppy mill going on and that the breeders are back ground checked and have to go thru all kinds of hoops just to be apart of puppy spot this insures that u are getting the best quality out there.

Patricia S.
Rhode Island |

Over all they were very accommodating. However Th...

Over all they were very accommodating. However The puppy was advertised as a smooth hair dachshund...when I received her I found out that she has wire hair in her and her fur is not smooth. I think that they should have known that and told me. That was not what I was looking for.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Patricia - Thanks very much for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience with PuppySpot. We were surprised to hear about your concerns of whether your puppy is smooth or wire haired Dachshund since you hadn't made us aware prior to leaving your review. Your puppy was listed as smooth haired variety and all records and pictures we have on your puppy do not indicate that she is anything but. That said, you were right to let us know and a member of our dedicate Customer Advocate team has been trying to get in touch with you to learn more and see how we can help. While we're confident that we'll be able to resolve your current concerns, you should never hesitate to reach out if there's anything we can ever do to be helpful.†

Ronald S.
California | Breed: Shih Tzu

A surprisingly wonderful experience.

Thank you Puppy Spot for a great experience. I was a little leery getting such a young puppy on line and having her take a flight from Nashville, Tn to San Francisco, CA. Everyone from Puppy Spot was so kind and helpful and patiently answered all questions. They also went out of their way to get me any information I needed throughout the whole process. We are now so happy with our beautiful, healthy Shih Tzu puppy Gypsy. Our family vet checked her out and we activated our health guarantee and we also got our complimentary AKC registration. I highly recommend Puppy Spot.

Audrey H.
New York |

Excellent way to find a puppy

Very helpful and very professional. An overall smooth and pleasant experience.

Anne-Marie M.
Michigan | Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Top Notch Service Delivered Top Notch Shephered Puppy (two thumbs up)

I was leery at first to purchase a puppy online without actually seeing him. However, the customer service all the way through the process of helping with our needs and selections was incredibly reassuring. Once we selected the puppy they walked us through each step, our questions, concerns, and were there for us till we safely received the puppy. It's been a few weeks now and although this little guy is a hand full of energy and stubborn little rascal - he is super smart, adorable, and starting to adapt and come along wonderfully. We can see signs of how he will be as he grows with his incredible temperament slowly unfolding. I was having such a difficult and time consuming experience finding a Shepherd puppy and PuppySpot made it fast, simple, and successful.

Helen I S.
Washington | Breed: Shetland Sheepdog

We are so happy with our new puppy!!!

We love our puppy!!! He is so affectionate and adorable! Totally happy and healthy.

Bernard M.
Ohio | Breed: Goldendoodle

wonderful experience...

wonderful experience

Michelle S.
North Carolina | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

The best online Service to purchase wonderful animals.

I was really nervous buying a dog over the internet. Puppy spot takes payment by PayPal, which was the reason I jumped into this. They were very helpful and are always there to answer my questions. The puppy I got is amazing and is the one I picked out online. I was nervous about that too. He was to arrive by plane, and puppy spot explained step by step were to go and who to call. We picked him up on April 3rd 2017 and fell in love the moment I saw him. Michelle Charlotte, NC

Vikki B.
Florida | Breed: Pug

My experience with PuppySpot was excellent. I foun...

My experience with PuppySpot was excellent. I found so many puppy scams online and was terrified of buying my puppy sight unseen. Everyone I worked with at PuppySpot held my hand through the process. I was so nervous. But I got the exact pup I picked and he's in excellent health. His breeder was very responsible and took very good care of him. He's well bred and is our family's new joy. We love him sooooooooo much!!! Jordan *Personal details removed from Feefo* and Curtis *Personal Details removed by Feefo* were awesome in helping me get everything I needed to bring my baby home. Thank you all!

Yolanda H.
South Carolina | Breed: Labradoodle

Great puppy but consider everything

I got a great puppy and overall it was a pretty good experience. After we got through the a couple of issues, the customer service flow is very good. You do pay more than market value. I don't like how your telephone number is recorded so that after your purchase it's almost impossible to get to customer service - you are only routed to Travel. Therefore, if you have a real issue you must dial from another number. Also, there was no collaboration on the travel. I was promised one day when purchasing, then 2 days before arrival I was told that was no longer possible due to the airport being closed. I do think this is something that was easy to determine and communicate at the time of purchase. Finally, I learned travel for the puppy can be hard. Our puppy had a 12 hour trip with no food. When we received him he was soaked in his own urine. He couldn't walk for several hours after we got him home. It then took 3 weeks to break him from the fear of sudden movements and riding in a car which the breeder indicated wasn't an issue before the flight.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Yolanda - Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience. We rely on valuable customer feedback like yours to continue to provide a positive experience for our all members of our community. We apologize for any miscommunication surrounding your puppy's travel arrangements. While we collect preferred travel dates and airports from prospective puppy parents at the time of placement, final details are not confirmed until 48 hours prior to a puppy traveling home, and unfortunately as you stated in your review, your preferred airport was not one that your puppy could fly into. Our travel team worked closely with you to find alternate travel arrangements that suited both you and your puppy's needs. That said, we are incredibly concerned to learn about your puppy's condition upon arrival and you were right to notify us as soon as you thought there might be an issue, as that's exactly what we're here for. A member of our dedicated Customer Advocate team was quick to learn more and see how we can help and a†member of our travel team is investigating with the airline. We are happy to report that after speaking with you recently that your puppy is thriving in his new home. Please remember that your relationship with us began when you found your puppy on PuppySpot, so you should never hesitate to reach out if there's anything we can ever do to be helpful.†

Norman M.
Colorado | Breed: Dalmatian

Your service was great.

You could have sent a pamphlet about the type of dog you purchase...maybe some quick tips for potty training and reducing puppy biting. We forgot, so a little help about what to expect the first month would have been helpful.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Norman - Thanks very much for your feedback. PuppySpot offers several resources for new puppy parents, including our content portal, full of tips, tricks and advice. We encourage you to visit it at www.puppyspot.com/content. Additionally, our team is always available to provide support and guidance throughout your puppy parent journey, so you should never hesitate to reach out if there's anything we can do to be helpful!

Paul D.
Mississippi | Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Would recommend...

Would recommend

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Paul - Thanks for the positive feedback, we really appreciate it. Welcome to the PuppySpot community!

Wade T.
New York | Breed: Australian Shepherd

If size is important verify before starting the buying process.

The puppy I purchased was a mini alstrailian shepard, the dog is much bigger than it should be. Minis are no more than 18" at the shoulder and Leo is 18" at 20 weeks old. His largest parent weighed 20- 30 pounds and Leo is just over 30 right now. I could not return him because he is happy where he is, but I am not happy with his size.

Malcolm F.
New Jersey | Breed: Labrador Retriever

There are a lot worse places u could spend your hard earned money .

Yes I would recommend them to anyone looking to buy a puppy. We love our Raevyn as soon as we laid eyes on her. She's a great pup. One acception as far as Raevyn'a health when we got her she came to us suffering from giardia and we are not good with that. But puppy spot is going to take care of any expenses we occur. So all in all we are very happy.

Joyce W.
Illinois | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Top Notch Service

I'm so happy with my little Ariel. She's a blessing. Puppy Spots customer service was top notch, and I especially was impressed with their follow through with each step. They also connected me with her breeder, so I felt comfortable asking questions, as having a new puppy will bring up many! ??. You can tell they have a true love and compassion for animals.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Joyce - Thanks very much for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience with PuppySpot, we really appreciate it. We're so happy to hear Ariel is settling in well to her new home! Please keep us posted on how everything is going and don't hesitate to let us know if there's anything you ever need.

Tahereh M.
Texas | Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Thanks a ton!

they were very helpful to get me the right puppy for the house. kept me updated at all times about the vaccinations and travel arrangements. highly recommend them.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Tahereh - Thanks so much for your feedback and for trusting us to fetch a new best friend for your family. Your recommendation means a lot! Please let us know if there's anything you ever need as you navigate your puppy parent journey.