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Melissa W.
Florida | Breed: Boxer

Excellent service by PuppySpot

Communication and help was great!!

Brennan G.
Wisconsin | Breed: German Shepherd Dog

Excellent service by PuppySpot

Super friendly and great staff

Gwendolyn T.
Tennessee | Breed: Pomeranian


very good services great pupply i love him he loves me vey happy

Karen B.
California |

A very Positive experience

Very friendly and helpful. I was kept informed throughout the whole process.

Brad A.
Illinois | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Good service by PuppySpot

Friendly and helpful

Denise P.
Arizona | Breed: Australian Shepherd

Good company

Quick curtious service

Richard M.
Arizona | Breed: Miniature Schnauzer

Excellent service by PuppySpot

Great service

Pedro A.
Massachusetts | Breed: Poodle

Wonderful service

This was a great experience! Honest service and very well organized. I highly recommend it. Thanks for my puppy red poodle.

Barbara S.
California | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

They were wonderful from the moment I contacted them to the moment I picked...

They were wonderful from the moment I contacted them to the moment I picked her up.

Priscilla F.
Wisconsin | Breed: Dachshund

We are very happy with KoKo

Doing very well with the puppy.

Marilyn W.
North Carolina | Breed: Dachshund

My puppy is fantastic. I love her so much!

The only hold up was the plane was 3 hours late. The puppy and I were very tired and still had to drive 2hours to get home.

Fae R.
Pennsylvania | Breed: Shih Tzu


I thought the delivery was when you said it would be. He came in very good shape , a little damp but whatcan you expect from a puppy that traveled so far and a new experience for him. i just l;ove him and he is my shadow so I am sure he loves me. He loves to be held and puts up with being brushed. lol

Marcella C.
Texas | Breed: Cavapoo

Awesome customer service, medical team and travel "agents". The help theyx

Everyone I spoke to was extremely friendly and professional. Any question I had, they either knew the answer or got back the same day with the answer. Because it turned out that my puppy Rose, had a small medical issue, they were on the phone to talk to me about it before we went any further with the process. Turns out it was not a deal breaker. I appreciated the flow of information from them to me very much.

Patricia M. B.
New York | Breed: Maltese

Breeder disappointing.

Awesome phone support throughout. My concern is with the breeder, who sent Quincy with major yeast infections in both ears. And even though he was 16 weeks old, no effort at all had been made to leash train or potty train him. We are having a tough time getting him to go for walks or to differentiate between going outside and going in the house. The breeder said she was so very busy she didn't have time to do anything with him. I think he spent a lot of time in the crate. If you don't have time for your dogs you have too many. PuppySpot was great, but I have to hold them responsible for the breedersthey use. On a bright note, we adore Quincy and we are so glad to have him in our family. He is affectionate and not afraid of anything.

Robyn C.
New Mexico | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Nice and helpful people but...

Everyone was friendly and helpful the reason for the 4 stars is no one understood to call me after 12 noon. And the first person I talked to was dodging a question I was asking her over and over. She kept saying " Ok would you like to go a head and purchase the puppy"? instead of answering my question. But other then that the puppy seems to be good with no problems.

Kathleen W.
Massachusetts | Breed: Beagle

We are very very happy!

Gordon was very nice and informative. We're very happy with Macy and love her to death. The airport to our home was a great experience and Macy adapted well. Thanks again for helping us with our purchase. All is well and we love Macy.

Mary Lou C.
Rhode Island | Breed: Cockapoo

A loving puppy.

Puppy spot was very professional and informative in helping me purchase and transport my Cockapoo. The puppy missed her 1st flight. Puppy Spot was right there with another flight. She came in as explained in locked crate. Our vet exam showed a healthy, clean puppy.

Kathleen S.
Florida | Breed: Border Collie

Top notch! They were informative and efficient. The staff is so friendly a...

Top notch! They were informative and efficient. The staff is so friendly and kind. We are thrilled with our new puppy!

Haruko S.
Colorado | Breed: Maltese

After going through 3 scam sites I was very scared of purchasing a $4000 do...

After going through 3 scam sites I was very scared of purchasing a $4000 dog online. Your team was very sensitive to my fear and responded to every question and request. I ended up with the best puppy ever whom I love with all my heart!

Alejandra M. P.
Illinois | Breed: Pug

Very poor customer service with newly arrived sick puppy,.

Puppy had to be taken to emergency room and hospitalized 48 hours after arriving with aspirTuon pneumonia Poor guidance and support thru customer service Had to threaten the representative Laura that was avoiding my calls to involve her supervisor Cherie or else I was going to cancel my payement. No tips on taking care of a very sick puppy were offered until the Supervisor became involved. Unfortunately this happened until after 36 hours post discharge of the puppy whom I feared I would have to rehospitalize and was anorexic with weight loss and not taking fluids Resorted to U tube for tips!!!!!! Until supervisor became involved.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Alejandra - First and foremost, we're very sorry to hear your puppy was not feeling well when she arrived. Your puppy's pre-flight nose-to-tail health exam administered by a licensed vet came back without issues so, although we were surprised to hear about it, we are glad you reached out to us, since that's exactly what we are here for. As soon as you alerted us to your puppy's condition, our Health team immediately jumped into action to try to do all they could to help. We are happy that Cherie has been able to address your concerns and our industry-leading health guarantee served its purpose. Most importantly, we are very pleased to hear your pup is feeling better. We remain here for you and your puppy now and in the future, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us if there is anything else we can do to help.