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Erika G.
Virginia | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Definitely Recommend

I had a wonderful experience with Puppy Spot and would definitely recommend them. I felt like they were helpful and open with information about my puppy Jack, his health, his parents, & his vaccines. Even though I wish they communicated more about Jack’s travel experience during that travel period, he did arrive safely to my doorstep. Plus I enjoy that I can still reach out to them with questions or read articles they share on the app. Overall, I had a great experience!

Casey H.

Love my pup

He had an ear infection and giardia. He wasn’t tested a first visit but had all the symptoms. Tested a week later. Other than that he is a love and has adjusted nicely.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Casey - we were just as concerned to learn your pup wasn't feeling well since his nose to tail pre-travel exam performed by a licensed Vet reported that he was 100% healthy at the time. As soon as we received your review, a team member quickly contacted you to learn more and see how we could help. While we wait for your pup’s next checkup, we will continue to be here with you and your pup every step of the way, so please do not hesitate to let us know if there’s anything else we can do to be helpful!

Jay S G.
California | Breed: English Springer Spaniel


Puppy Spot was very helpful in obtaining Hugo. My only suggestion is to provide in writing the options for picking up the puppy in the event the initial plans change, so the buyer knows his/her options

Karen C.
New Mexico | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

I am totally happy with

I am totally happy with my experience with Puppy Spot. The breeder we used was superb. Good communication and friendly helpful people. We love our Spice Girl

Sandra L.
Colorado | Breed: Morkie

Very pleasant and helpful staff.

Very pleasant and helpful staff. Mollie is healthy and already won my heart.

Betty A T.
Georgia | Breed: Goldendoodle

A Happy healthy pup

I was happy with puppy spot for the most part. the reason I say that is when we first picked out our pup to buy & found out how far it was to get her. We said we would drive to get her & the lady said no she would have to fly and made us pay for the flight along with the purchase. But when we started talking to our puppy spot manager & told her we would rather pick her up than for her to fly. We were able to pick her up than. That is my only complaint. We were reimbursed most of our plane money. I was happy with the managers. Our pup came in good health. she is a very good pup and came into our home just like she has always been here. we have fallen in love with our happy healthy pup. I would go with puppy spot again if I ever need to get another pup.

MaryLou D.
Pennsylvania | Breed: Dachshund

I thought the service was

I thought the service was great they really keep you informed of what’s going on. Our puppies travel & delivery went great. I would definitely recommend PuppySpot

John D.
Colorado | Breed: Goldendoodle

Great selection quality product

Great selection quality product

Casey K.
Missouri | Breed: Shih Tzu

Really good experience!

Frankie is our new bundle of joy! Overall we had a really good experience with PuppySpot. Timely responses, detailed info on the adoption process and trusted source for good breeders. My only tiny complaint is that I wish I could’ve engaged with Frankie from the time of purchase all the way to pickup. I would’ve liked videos or zoom calls with breeder to visually see him growing and his personality.

Divya M.
Texas | Breed: Dachshund

I was able to meet

I was able to meet with the puppy breeders in person, there was a bit of a hiccup in terms of communication with them through puppyspot, but I have my wonderful puppy and was so happy to find him through Puppy spot!

Lillian C.
Texas | Breed: Cockapoo

We are extremely happy with

We are extremely happy with the addition to our family. Delivery was early so we were able to enjoy the entire day with our puppy. Thank you for the impeccable service puppy spot!

Dan R.
California | Breed: Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

Good and bad

I found the service from PuppySpot to be inconsistent. Some aspects of the experience were good, others were poor. One manager I spoke to was very competent and helpful. At other times, I couldn't even get a reply via text after multiple attempts, and my messages on the mobile app seemed to never even have been read by PuppySpot! Sometimes I could get someone on the phone and sometimes not. So my first conclusion is that the company really needs to improve its systems and processes in order for customers to have a consistently better experience. My second conclusion is that it's frustrating to have them as a middleman who won't connect the breeder and buyer until the very end. So all questions have to go through them, which is inefficient and frustrating. I presume the breeders also experience that same frustration. For that reason, I'm not sure I'd ever want to use this kind of service again, even if they provides consistently better customer service.

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Dan - We really appreciate you taking the time to share your candid feedback. Without it, we can't do better for our puppy parents, breeders, and puppies. We're sorry for what sounds like the exact opposite of the experience we strive for. We want our puppy parents to feel confident about their decision to welcome home a furry family member and we never want any member of our community to have trouble getting in touch with our team, and we apologize if that was the case for you. We can't improve without candid feedback like yours and we will be sure to use it to better serve our community. Our relationship began when we matched you with your new puppy, and we will continue to act as a source of support now and throughout your puppy parent journey.

Mayeti G.
Massachusetts | Breed: Goldendoodle

Exceptional company

PuppySpot is awesome! They were professional, accessible, knowledgeable, and passionate about puppies. When there were challenges along the way, PuppySpot worked through them in a timely and effective way, and did a great job communicating with me. The managers I dealt with were amazing. My puppy, Chilo, has been home for two weeks. He is soooo sweet and cute and well-behaved already. The breeder is very good. My family and I couldn’t be happier with our experience and our new family member.

Tanya P.
Kentucky | Breed: Yorkshire Terrier

Paul was great

Paul was great

Kay B.
Wisconsin | Breed: Shih Tzu

Is the way to go!

From start to finish and everything in-between. Honestly these guys know what they are doing. They really hold your hand through the whole process of bringing home the right puppy for you! I personally couldn’t be more happier I defiantly recommend them. :)

Shannon C.
Louisiana | Breed: Cockapoo

Highly Recommended!

I am so happy in my dealings with Puppy Spot. I would highly recommend going through Puppy Spot if you are looking for a reliable, friendly, helpful, an professional website to get your new pet.

Carol L.
New York | Breed: Cocker Spaniel

Welcome Home Marley

Our new puppy Marley is loving his new home. He is such a great addition to our family. He is getting great care and is eating and playing well. He is using the wee wee pads and soon will be able to walk him outside and meet some new friends. Thank you PuppySpot!

Debra A.
Arizona | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Excellent Experience with Puppy Spot

Great experience with Puppy Spot. Communication is timely and informative. David Timmons, sales agent, was wonderful to work with. He answered all my questions completely and sent photos of parents as requested. Puppy manager also reached out to offer assistance once we committed to our yellow lab pup. After delivery we have a health issue and Adrian Domingo, Health Advocate, immediately reached out with info and next steps for out pup.

Kathy C.
Colorado | Breed: Havanese

Excellent service!

Excellent service!

Shandra M.
New York | Breed: Labrador Retriever

Infernal Experience - 10+ hours on the phone in waiting room purgatory

My puppy is amazing, but going through PS was infernal. Save yourself!!!!!

PuppySpot Customer Advocate

Shandra - Welcoming home a furry family member should be full of joy and we're disappointed that you have negative feelings about your experience. A member of our management team has been in touch with you to learn more and see how we can do better in the future. As promised, we'll be here if you need us at any point in your puppy parent journey.