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All About PuppySpot's Starter Kit & Other Dog Care Essentials

David Mead is the Vice President, Head of Marketing at PuppySpot. Dogs have been an important part of his life since his early childhood. He has a passion for dog training and believes that dogs make the best companions as long as you treat them right.

Starter Kit:

Welcoming a new puppy into your home is an exhilarating experience that brings joy and companionship. However, the excitement of bringing home a furry friend comes with its share of responsibilities and preparations. That's where PuppySpot's Starter Kit comes to the rescue – a comprehensive starter kit designed to make the transition smoother for both you and your new four-legged family member.


1. Premium Dog Bed: A comfortable and cozy spot for your puppy to rest is essential. The Premium Dog Bed included in the Starter Kit provides a designated space for your pup to call its own. It's more than just a bed – it's a secure haven where your puppy can unwind and recharge.

2. Embroidered Family Sherpa Blanket: The Embroidered Family Sherpa Blanket offers warmth and a sense of security. Beyond its practical use, the blanket becomes a comforting item infused with the scent of home and family. This familiarity helps ease any initial anxiety your puppy might experience in a new environment.

3. Stainless Steel Double-Diner Bowls: Proper nutrition is crucial for a growing puppy. The Stainless Steel Double-Diner Bowls provide a clean and convenient feeding solution. With separate compartments for food and water, these bowls ensure your pup gets the nourishment it needs.

4. Premium Leash w/ Padded Handle: Teaching your puppy to walk on a leash is an essential training step. The Premium Leash with a Padded Handle not only ensures a secure connection but also offers comfort for you as you guide your pup on walks and outdoor adventures.

5. Dental Chew Toy: Puppies love to explore the world with their mouths. The Dental Chew Toy serves a dual purpose by soothing your pup's teething discomfort and promoting good oral health. This toy not only entertains but also helps prevent dental issues down the line.

6. Plush Animal Squeaker Toy: Playtime is vital for bonding and mental stimulation. The Plush Animal Squeaker Toy engages your pup's natural instincts with its squeaky sound and soft texture. It's an excellent way to channel your pup's energy and provide a source of entertainment.

7. Boomerang Toy: Interactive play is essential for a puppy's physical and mental development. The Boomerang Toy is designed for exciting games of fetch, encouraging exercise and enhancing the human-puppy bond.

8. Stuffing-Free Crinkle Pig Toy: The Stuffing-Free Crinkle Pig Toy is not just about fun – it's also about safety. With no stuffing to ingest, it provides hours of entertainment without the worry of potential hazards.

9. Braided Rope Toy: Puppies are notorious chewers, and a Braided Rope Toy offers a safe outlet for this natural behavior. It also doubles as a tug-of-war tool for interactive play with your pup.

10. Tennis Ball (2 Pack): A classic toy that's been a staple in dog ownership for generations. The Tennis Balls are perfect for fetch games, encouraging exercise and honing your pup's retrieval skills.

11. Drawstring Bag: Keeping your puppy's belongings organized is a breeze with the Drawstring Bag. It's a convenient way to store and transport your pup's essentials, whether you're heading to the park or embarking on a journey.

12. Waste Bag Dispenser & Refills: Responsible pet ownership includes keeping your surroundings clean. The Waste Bag Dispenser, coupled with Waste Bag Refills, ensures you're equipped to handle waste during walks.

13. Carabiner Clip: The Carabiner Clip is a small but mighty addition to the Starter Kit. Attach it to the bag or leash, and you'll have a versatile tool for securing items on the go. 

The Starter Kit is not just a collection of items – it's a thoughtful assortment that addresses various aspects of puppy care. Each inclusion serves a specific purpose, contributing to the well-being, comfort, and enjoyment of your new furry family member. Whether you're a first-time puppy parent or a seasoned pro, the Starter Kit is your companion in ensuring a seamless and joyful transition for both you and your pup.

Eight Dog Training Kit Contents:

Training your pup is made easier by having the right equipment. To help with that, we have curated 8 essential dog training tools so that you and your pup can get on the same page earlier and easier. 


1. Long training leash for dogs is perfect for playing fetch in the park, recall training or exploring open areas while remaining within your reach

2. Hanging door bells on the door where you will take your dog out from will give the dog a way to communicate to you that he/she wants to go outside

3. Dog treat pouch easily and conveniently stores dog treats in an accessible drawstring pouch for training on the go 

4. Dog whistle is a very effective training tool for recall training, such as calling the dog back to you

5. Tennis balls: nothing new here - dogs love tennis balls! Take these balls with you on the go for some classic dog fun

6. Pee Pads are useful for training, especially when your puppy is young and needs to go frequently

7. Snuffle Mat stimulates your pup's foraging instinct. Hide treats in the sniff matt to encourage them to search

8. Puppy Puzzle Toy helps slow down feeding time, helping your puppy digest food more easily 

AKC Reunite

In partnership with AKC Reunite, we provide added peace of mind to puppy owners through their comprehensive microchipping program. When customers adopt a puppy through us, they have the option to enroll their new furry family member in AKC Reunite's database. This service ensures that in the unfortunate event of a lost pet, the microchip implanted in the puppy contains vital information to facilitate a swift reunion. By leveraging AKC Reunite's nationwide network and advanced technology, PuppySpot reinforces its commitment to the well-being and safety of every puppy placed in loving homes, offering an extra layer of protection to you and your puppy.

AKC Registration

We offer a streamlined process for AKC registration, ensuring that every puppy finds its way into a loving home with proper documentation. When you adopt a puppy through us, you can rest assured that your new furry family member comes with AKC registration papers or eligibility, depending on the breed. This registration not only validates the puppy's pedigree but also provides access to exclusive AKC events and services. With our support, new puppy owners can easily navigate the registration process, ensuring their pet's status as a purebred and their eligibility for various AKC programs and resources. 

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