Resource Center Dog Ownership Staff Picks: Best Way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Staff Picks: Best Way to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Stuti is PuppySpot’s Director of Digital Marketing. She has been a long-time dog lover, and is a dog mom to one of the cutest Golden Retrievers around. She is passionate about the betterment of puppies everywhere and bringing to light truths surrounding responsible breeding.

Does your  Number 1 Valentine sport fur, four legs, and an impressive repertoire of sloppy kisses? Time to pamper your loyal family member with a day brimming with love and support. This Valentine's Day, let’s embark on an amazing journey, crafting memories with your dog through a thoughtful selection of activities and gifts that promise tail-wagging happiness. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Give your dog a gift:

Elevate your dog's Valentine's Day shenanigans with interactive and indoor toys designed to tickle their playful spirit.


Valentine's Day Hide and Seek, Squeaky Interactive Puzzle


Lulubelles Chocolate Covered Strawberry Plush

2. Plan a Day of Fun with BFFs:

Turn Valentine's Day into a riot of laughter by orchestrating a day of fun with your dog's best furry pals. Set the stage for a playdate or a dog-friendly escapade to reinforce the bonds of friendship. Dogs thrive on social interaction, and facilitating moments of shared joy can contribute to their overall well-being – all while creating memories that will leave tails wagging for days. Do not forget to bring some delicious and special valentines treats for your furry pal and friends.


Bonne et Filou Valentine's Day Dog Treats

3. The Best Gift - Bringing Home a Brother or Sister:

Consider the pièce de résistance for your dog this Valentine's Day – introducing a brother or sister into their world. Finding the perfect companion ensures your dog will never feel alone and will have a forever friend by their side. Explore our available puppies and choose the perfect addition to your family. Planning and preparing for a new family member is not just a gesture; it's a commitment to prioritizing your dog's happiness


Available Puppies

4. Sweet Style Statements - Shirts, Bandanas, or Sweaters:

Now, let's add a touch of sweetness to your celebration with special shirts, bandanas, or sweaters that not only show your love for your dog but also mirror your dog's affection for you. Deck your furry Valentine in personalized attire that serves as a visual testament to the unique bond you share. These pieces are more than just accessories; they're heartwarming expressions of the love that makes your connection with your dog truly special.


Valentine's Bandanas for Dogs

5. Spent quality time with your dog:

You can have a Photo Session to Capture adorable moments with your puppy playing with the Dog Rope Toy. This can be a fun way to create lasting memories of your Valentine's Day celebration together in addition to giving your puppy a positive reinforcement tool during training exercises. You can incorporate commands like "fetch" or "drop it," rewarding your puppy with playtime using the rope as a motivational tool.


Valentine's Interlocking Heart Rope

This Valentine's Day, let the ordinary take a back seat as you create a day filled with laughter, play, and companionship for your furry Valentine. Whether through engaging toys, thoughtful gifts, or the joy of a newfound sibling, make this day a celebration of the unconditional love your dog showers upon your life.

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