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What Makes A Good Puppy Breeder?

Stuti is PuppySpot’s Director of Digital Marketing. She has been a long-time dog lover, and is a dog mom to one of the cutest Golden Retrievers around. She is passionate about the betterment of puppies everywhere and bringing to light truths surrounding responsible breeding.

Good breeders and breeding practices are at the center of what PuppySpot is all about. Our mission is to place healthy puppies in happy homes. The key to healthy puppies—both mentally and physically, starts with good, reputable breeders.

So what actually makes a breeder good?

Breeders who love what they do. Breeders who get their family involved and truly care for each puppy's life, from beginning to end. We've had a few breeder spotlights recently, and these are great examples of breeders who go above and beyond everyday to ensure the health and well-being of their pups.


  • Good breeders carefully plan each litter. Planning a litter means appropriately tracking the health of each adult, and making sure that it is the proper time for them to produce a litter.
  • Good breeders regularly have their dogs examined by a licensed veterinarian to ensure the health of the parents and puppies, and monitor any potential health concerns closely.
  • Good breeders screen their dogs for genetic or hereditary issues that can be passed down to their puppies. Some breeds and varieties have more specific requirements than others. For example, Doberman Pinschers must be screened for VWD.


  • Good breeders put the care of their dogs ahead of profits. They continually reinvest their earnings to improve their facilities, and don't cut corners to increase their bottom line.
  • Good breeders are knowledgeable about the dogs they're breeding, and should be breeding for the betterment and improvement of the breed.
  • Good breeders regularly socialize their dogs and provide early neurological stimulation. They give individual attention to each pup, introduce them to other dogs and humans, and expose them to multiple situations (e.g. car rides, vacuum cleaners, doorbells) so they're fully prepared to join their forever family.


  • This one may seem obvious, but good breeders must be up to date and compliant with all local, state and federal regulations. PuppySpot breeders must also adhere to PuppySpot's breeder standards for performance and selection, created by our Scientific Advisory Board.

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