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From dachshunds to poodles, there are a wide variety of breeds to choose from. But which is the best dog breed for you? Dog breeds have developed over time to enhance certain traits. Before you bring home your new pup, you'll want to consider what type of dog best fits your personality and lifestyle. Perhaps you need a family dog like a french bulldog or a hunting dog like a labrador retriever. Or maybe your best choice is a small dog breed like a Chihuahua or Yorkshire Terrier. Our most popular dog breeds include Frech Bulldogs, Goldendoodles, and Golden Retrievers. Below you will find all sorts of information to help figure out what type of breed you might be interested in.

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All About the Toy Group!

What is the Toy Group? When a new breed is given purebred status by the American Kennel Club (AKC), they’re assigned to one of seven breed groups. Breed classification is based on their characteristics and what they were originally bred for. Breeds that fall under the Toy Group were often ...

Breeder Spotlight - Robin

This week, we're featuring a breeder that we've worked with for just over 8 years now. Robin and her crew raises healthy and very well socialized French Bulldogs and Pomeranians. Their puppies make wonderful pets, and some even have qualities of the breed to make show dogs. Their main goal ...

What Are the Best Companion Dog Breeds?

There are hundreds of dog breeds out there and each breed has something that it's best at. Pointers and retrievers for hunting and guard dogs for protecting just for two examples. That said, what are the best breeds for someone who is just looking for a companion? Today, we've gathered ...

Quiet Dog Breeds: 5 Canines Who Won't Disturb The Peace

Dogs may bark for all kinds of different reasons. Some pups are natural watchdogs and take it upon themselves to alert you whenever they sense a disturbance in their environment. It may be annoying, but just know they're only trying to help! Other breeds have active minds and may be ...

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