Just bought a new puppy and they're wreaking havoc around the house? Obedience training and socialization are essential to a well-behaved dog. You'll want to start training your pup as soon as possible to avoid behavioral issues. While dog training can seem daunting (especially if it's your first dog). If you take it slow and use positive reinforcement, you can teach your dog good behavior through basic obedience skills and basic commands. Even an adult dog can benefit from relearning some good manners in dog training classes. Here are some great dog training tips and guides to help make your dog the best dog.

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Why Do Virtual Dog Training?

Over the past several years, a growing number of dog owners have turned to one-on-one dog training over video chat and found it to be more convenient, and also more effective. This shift accelerated in 2020 as COVID-19 restrictions took effect and consumers began exploring digital services more broadly.

How to Help Your Puppy Learn Its Name

The first thing that you want to teach your puppy is his or her name. Understanding his or her name will be the basis for all the commands and lessons that come later. However, teaching your puppy its name is not as simple as repeating their name.

How to Stop a Puppy From Biting?

There's almost nothing cuter than a puppy and bringing one home is certainly a joyful occasion. We all dream of snuggling an adorable, wiggly little furball, but raising a puppy isn't always sunshine and roses. In fact, handling a new puppy comes with all kinds of challenges ranging from potty ...

How to Keep Your Dog From Escaping Your Yard: Reining in Dogs with Wanderlust

We've all seen the infamous "Lost Dog" posters from distraught owners longing to see their furry loved one again. Unfortunately, having a dog run away is a reality many dog-owners face at one point or another. But if your dog bolts from the home, then it might take some extra ...

When The Bite's Bigger Than The Bark: Aggression in Dogs Part 3

Dogs are complicated animals with distinct personalities and therefore temperaments based on their individual genetic makeup, environmental factors and breed history. Just like humans, dogs have faults and behaviors that need correcting. And one of those common issues is aggression. While we've established in Part One of this series that ...

When The Bite's Bigger Than The Bark: Aggression in Dogs Part 2

Dog aggression is a serious problem that can cause high anxiety, anger and heartbreak for owners, ultimately result in dangerous injuries (for both dogs and humans) and end in potentially fatal consequences, not to mention lead to cases of homeless and abandoned dogs. To better equip you with information and ...

When The Bite's Bigger Than The Bark: Aggression in Dogs Part 1

Aggression in dogs is a scary, yet complex behavioral pattern, but is common and treatable with an intensive training plan. It's important to accept at the onset of dog ownership that most dogs will exhibit some form of aggression at some point, typically when guarding their territories or protecting themselves ...

A Step by Step Tutorial to Leash Training

We've all seen those dogs. The ones who zigzag every which way on their walks. The ones who mark on every tree. The ones who drag their owners down the street. It begs the question: Who is walking who anyway? Prevent these unfortunately common situations from becoming your situation by ...

How to Crate Train a Puppy

The philosophy behind crate training your furry companion is to create a familiar and safe location where your dog will want to enter of her own will and enjoy relaxing and sleeping inside her very own comfy and cozy spot. Because dogs don't like to soil their sleeping areas, they ...

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