PuppySpot & AKC Host Health Clinics for Adult Breeding Dogs

We at PuppySpot believe that good health is a crucial part of responsible breeding, and a puppy’s good health begins with healthy parents. That is why we partner with the American Kennel Club to host health clinics to examine adult breeding dogs. The clinics are set up all round the U.S. and encourage breeders to have their adult breeding dogs OFA tested against genetic disease. The OFA is the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals; their mission is “to promote the health and welfare of companion animals through a reduction in the incidence of genetic disease” and their testing is the industry standard.

Dr. Sinn & AKC Representative giving x-ray exam

We host these health clinics on an annual basis, and they are part of our continued effort to promote healthy dog breeding. Most recently, we helped host a clinic in Indiana with our Director of Veterinary Care, Dr. Brandon Sinn, DVM. With the efforts of Dr. Sinn and AKC, we are able to offer the OFA exams at a discounted rate for our breeders. The exams occur on-site in Dr. Sinn’s mobile vet clinic. Over the course of four days, we examined more than 175 adult dogs!

PuppySpot Representative Cherie Pidcoe

“I am so very proud to be able to be a part of the health clinics. It not only allows us the opportunity to be out in the field to see all the dogs and puppies in person but also knowing that what we are doing each time is bettering the breeding for all breeders, not just PuppySpot breeders.”- Cherie Pidcoe, Director of Breeder Field Team.

PuppySpot Representatives Jay Roberts & Josh Kreinberg

Overall, the clinics are a great way to make sure that breeders are being held to our industry leading standards, while also improving the overall breeding of healthy dogs. Healthier puppies come from aiming to responsibly reduce the chance of hereditary issues.