Congratulating Trixie, the Dog That Got into a Four-Year University

While aspiring undergraduate students across the nation receive news of their college acceptances this spring, one in particular stands out. That’s Trixie, a 6-year-old Golden Retriever from San Francisco who just received news of her acceptance to the University of California, Berkeley.

The dean of UC Berkeley came out with the following statement on Friday regarding the prestigious university’s historic decision:

Every year, the university is tasked with the important decision of selecting its incoming undergraduate students among a sea of qualified applicants. We received a total of 75,643 applications for the 2017-2018 academic year, and from this number, we were only able to select 15%. The university prides itself in its commitment to embracing diversity, which is evident in its multi-lingual and -cultural background. This year, the committee was pleased to offer an acceptance to our first canine, Ms. Trixie, an impressive scholar who will surely contribute to the diversity of our eclectic campus. Congratulations, Trixie, and welcome to UC Berkeley!

Trixie’s owners, Donald and Minnie Pincher, explained how their four-legged member of the family—who plans to enroll at Berkeley this fall with a major in engineering—exhibited signs of genius from a young age.

“From the day we picked up Trixie, we could tell there was something different about her,” said Donald. “This was no ordinary pooch. She started by staring intently at our daughter Sharpay’s math homework, then later on gripping a pencil between her teeth and solving equations on her own. Before we knew it, Trixie was helping us with our taxes!”

“We’re so proud of our little Trixie,” Minnie added. “Being a first-generation college student, she’s a source of inspiration for all the dogs out there who didn’t have an opportunity to receive a higher education.”

Once her owners realized how gifted their precious pooch was, the Pinchers homeschooled Trixie in order to provide her with a proper formal education. Besides her stellar math skills, Trixie’s talents include golfing, playing the trumpet and proficiency in Mandarin Chinese. One of her favorite proverbs in Chinese is “Yuren jie,” meaning…

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