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Most Popular Dog Breeds and Why They're so Popular

Theresa is a tenured PuppySpot employee and breed expert. She is currently the manager of our Profile Approval department and interacts with our breeders on a daily basis. Theresa has been involved in the pet industry for over 19 years and has hands on experience with many dog breeds. Theresa is also the proud owner of Marta, a German Shepherd Dog who is a trained service dog, and a 12-year-old Maltese named Colonel!

Popular dog breeds are popular for a reason. These dogs have qualities that are a good fit with many families. Many popular dogs are good with kids, are friendly and easy to train, and are loyal and smart. But the right fit for you may be different than the right fit for most people, so the best dog for you might be one that’s not on this list. We are happy to walk you through which dogs are great matches for your lifestyle and needs!

Below are some of the most popular dog breeds with our customers. Check out this list and then check out our full range of our available breeds and puppies for sale.

Labrador Retriever
  • Have been one of the most popular dogs in the US for a long time
  • Smart, easy to train
  • Want to please
  • A favorite as a guide, rescue, or police dog
  • Built for swimming, with a double insulated coat and webbed feet
  • Friendly and good with kids
  • Great companions
  • Enjoy a good run or hike, or a cuddle on the couch

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French Bulldog
  • Knocked the Labrador Retriever from the long reigning top breed spot with the most AKC registrations. 
  • Full of personality but can also be a little stubborn. 
  • A lot of dog in a small package as they are muscular and strong. 
  • It is also important to keep the ears and face (especially any deep wrinkles on the face) clean. Food and moisture build-up can cause skin or yeast infections.
  • The smallest version of the bully-type breeds. You get the look, companionship, and quirky personality in a much more compact body that is easier to handle.

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German Shepherd
  • Considered one of the smartest breeds
  • Originally bred to be a herding dog, they were found to be intelligent and strong enough to train in other jobs like service, police and military. 
  • Full of energy and personality. 
  • While they will love everyone in the family they do tend to attach themselves to one person in particular and are more likely to follow them and respond to their commands. 
  • Shed a lot all year.

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Golden Retriever
  • Smart and sweet
  • An active breed that needs exercise (but less high energy than some breeds)
  • Come in different shades of gold, which match their sunny personalities
  • Love to pick up things and carry them around and are known for what is called a "soft mouth" meaning they can pick up something fragile (like an egg) and not damage it.

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  • In the top three smartest breeds.
  • Come in three sizes (standard, miniature, and toy)
  • Originally bred to be water retrievers
  • The dog show haircut they are known for is actually a utility cut that was meant to protect vital organs when they retrieved in cold/icy waters.
  • Considered to be allergy-friendly and low-shedding, which makes them great for allergy sufferers and why a lot of designer breeds are crossed with the Poodle. 
  • They are agile, fast, and also make great trick dogs.

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  • Nice and compact hound. Hounds are divided between sight and scent, and the Beagle falls under the scent category, meaning they track with their nose. 
  • They have a great sense of smell so it is important to teach them to come back when called otherwise they will keep following what has caught their attention. 
  • While small enough to be an apartment they are very vocal (baying, often confused as howling) so they are better suited for house over apartment living.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Small lap dog
  • Good apartment dog
  • Smart and affectionate
  • Get along with kids and other dogs
  • It’s important to keep their ears clean to prevent chronic ear infections

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  • Good apartment dogs
  • Affectionate
  • Clever
  • Prone to spinal injuries, so be careful with their backs 
  • Good for families (older children need to be careful with them)

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  • Allergy-friendly
  • Smart and easy to train
  • Good for apartments and families
  • Need frequent grooming

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Yorkshire Terrier
  • Allergy-friendly
  • Good apartment dogs
  • Smart and stubborn
  • Better in a home with older children

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